Sunday, February 6, 2011

one thousand (3)

I'm on a journey to embrace each day, to find joy in the mundane, to live as if this is the day the Lord has made, even when the day doesn't hold what I'd like it to.   This book continues to change my way of thinking and my approach to each day.  Already I am finding small things to be thankful for.  I hope it keeps changing me.  I want it to change me.

Interested in hearing a bit more?  Check out this trailer.

18. celebrating the 7th & 2nd birthdays of my oldest and youngest

19. timely encouragement from friends

20. daily bread

21. a rock higher than I

22. my treadmill

23. sick baby on my day off

24. health insurance & antibiotics

25. a single blooming rose

26. chocolate

27. spice tea

28. sunshine

29. the word of God

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