Monday, February 28, 2011

one thousand {4}

I'm counting my gifts.  I'm finding moments, gifts of grace to be thankful for, each day.  Finding meaning in the mundane.  Finding purpose in the everyday.  Finding Him.  His fingerprints on my day.

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baby toes peeking out of too-big jammies

unexpected cloudy morning home my three girls

big girl beds

stuffed animals piled high

three curly bedheads

thirty minutes to make steel cut oats on the stove

felt cup cozy under my fingers

strong muscles that carry me on the treadmill

watching the sun rise on the hill in the distance as I run on the treadmill in the garage

tears that flow

legging & comfy shirt days

jammy mornings

cold feet warmed by a husband's toasty legs

rainy days at home

homemade hot chocolate

2 sisters & 1 brother

doing the hard thing, the right thing

getting there, just in time

an untimely accident, which turned out to be the last word

the blue of the sky after days of hard rain

the right husband, the right life

Ann's post today, pretty much encapsulates the last week of my personal life.  I love how you walk through something, and then God gives you the lens through which to view it after.  I'm glad I did the right thing.  Looking through his lens, I know I did what pleased him and more than my personal comfort, more than my human, fleshly emotions, that's what matters.  Obedience feels much better on me then indulging in the flesh.  And God also has a unique way of acknowledging the fleshly emotions, and rewarding us for doing the right thing, with a dose of humor.  I like that about him a lot.

I wish I could provide details and share more, but it's a family thing, and I need to be respectful.  But it's part of my story, and part of who I am, so I share with you these little tidbits.

I am thankful.

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