Thursday, February 17, 2011

shining optional

This is too good not to share right away before I forget!

Gracie is typically an early riser, sometimes before we even go in to wake Miss Rose for school.  She wakes up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, arms full of her friends, ready for breakfast.  She usually won't eat much at dinner, making her ravenous in the morning.

This morning however, she slept in a bit.  I went in five minutes before we needed to leave to take Miss Rose to school.  Gracie was just sitting up and looking through the twenty friends on her bed for the specific few that she wanted.

Here is just a small sampling of friends she sleeps with.

Gracie was not happy she couldn't eat breakfast before we left, even though I had milk ready to take in the car.  She was not happy that I wouldn't carry her to the car (I was already carrying Lily, who had just woken up as well, and was wearing feetie jammies).

I was able to snap this picture before I put her in the car.  I couldn't help it.

She recently got this warm robe as a hand me down from her cousin, and she wears it to bed most nights.  We threw on some too-big High School Musical slippers so she could walk to the car.
The bed head?  Well, that's every morning around these parts.  On all four female heads that reside in our house.  We are a family of curly-heads and the only way Bean isn't one is because he shaves his head!

She had to rise.  

But she sure wasn't going to shine.

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