Thursday, March 24, 2011

running through my head

I haven't rambled here much lately; I think it's overdue!

My best friend from college had her first baby today! I am so excited for her.  She's still one of my best friends.  And she's like a sister in a lot of ways too.   I am living vicariously through her a bit, even though she lives 90 miles away.

It still makes me a little sad when people ask me if I'm having any more kids and I say no.  I had the nicest conversation with the Target check-out lady today.  My children were about to lose their lives before we left the store (at my hands of course) so I sent them to sit on a bench against the wall across from the checkout stand.  The lady started chatting me up about my three kids and how she and her husband have been married four years but aren't ready to start a family.  Yet she sees women like me with three children already and thinks that I have already attained the life she wants.  It was an interesting conversation and I enjoyed it.

Lucky for my children, they stayed on the bench and were able to walk out of Target alive.  They had both jumped on the "down" escalator without me, and then when I freaked out just a bit, they started trying to walk/run/lumber/stumble back up to me.  My heart about jumped out of my chest.  Because when you are (almost) 4 and 7, you don't have good control of your limbs or any idea how machinery could effect you.

I need to start preparing for my trip.  I leave on April 6.  Yikes!  I really want to leave little gifts for my girls to open each day--but I can't figure out what items to leave them because I don't really want to spend $1/day on them.  But what is less than $1?  Or what can you get multiple of for $1?  I can think of a few items, but not 10, which is how many I'll need.

Gracie's birthday is fast approaching.  Her birthday part is next Saturday and she is so excited.  It's a Fairy Party, because it sounded fun, and it's different than Princesses and she likes that kind of thing.  I want to have the girls make fairy wands at the party.  I need to find a simple idea online for it.  I know there has to be some out there.  But I'm blogging instead of researching.

Do you have a favorite box mix of brownies?  Ours is Duncan Hines.  We like moist, fudge-y brownies and theirs are the best!!  Actually, I really like Ghiradelli too, but they are too chocolate-y for Bean.  You know we've eaten a lot of brownies to know we like Duncan Hines above Betty Crocker and other brands.

However, this homemade recipe is pretty easy-if you have the ingredients on hand--and AUH-MAZ-ING! I don't usually make the caramel topping.  But I have, and it's divine as well.  There is quite a technique involved in getting it just right.  So maybe stick with just the brownies.  You'll thank me.  I've been considering opening a shop that only served Pioneer Woman recipes.  I think it'd be quite popular.

I used the word salivating today, because I couldn't think of "drooling."  How odd is that?

Well, I think I've rambled enough.

Enjoy your weekend!

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