Sunday, April 17, 2011

Home sweet home

I have been home for about 28 hours now. It was a joyful reunion with my family, 12 hours later than planned.

The journey home was quite eventful, involving draining a diesel van of unleaded gasoline that it had mistakenly been filled with, delays and a near-miss of our overseas flight (big ups to the peeps at the Munich airport for holding our plane), and then a cancelled flight home requiring a stay in a Chicago hotel and jumping through a lot of hoops to get on a morning flight home instead of the evening one.

But I'm home. It's been joyful.

I'm also exhausted. The adrenaline has finally drained and I'm feeling the hours of travel and many hours of missed sleep.

And the baby who finished antibiotics the day I left, had another double ear infection while I was gone, and now has a fever again in spite of being on antibiotics again.

It was a wonderful trip I plan to share more on. Once I don't feel so tired and I don't have a sick baby.

It's real life.

And I still love it.

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