Tuesday, May 31, 2011

latest happenings

Did you know that Miss Rose cut the side of her hair, because she had frosting in it?  Which resulted in an expedited full hair-cut (which was in the works already).  It's very cute!  And just like her mama, she wasn't a big fan of having her hair blown-dry straight.  She's a natural girl, as crazy and unpredictable as our hair may be.

Have I told you that Lily is now potty-trained?  She's pretty much a potty training superstar.  She had a few accidents the first few days but after that--all pee has been in the potty!  We still use pull-ups when we are out for a long time or at church, but she NEVER pees in it.  Poop took a few days longer than pee, and there were some pooplets on the floor, but she did get it.  She hasn't pooped in her pants even once, now that she's wearing panties full-time.  We do make a lot of trips to the bathroom.  But still better than buying diapers and wipes.

Gracie is going to make her first foray into sports this fall!  We are registering her for soccer soon.  Miss Rose goes back and forth on whether she wants to play again or not.  Gracie is very much a girl, but a feisty one.  She wrestles and roughhouses with the best of them.  If she likes soccer, I think she'll be a go-getter!

Stay tuned for more.

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