Wednesday, May 11, 2011

running through my head

Yikes!  I haven't blogged in 10 days.

I am really ready for summer.  I'm ready to not worry so much about when kids go to bed.  I'm ready to not rush in the morning to have Miss Rose ready for school.  I'm ready to go enjoy the sun with the kids on my days off.  About another month, and summer will officially be here!  I am ready.

Miss Rose got her first true haircut yesterday.  She looks so grown up, it kills me.  She's had her hair trimmed up to a few inches, but this included several inches some layering and framing around her face.  It's crazy how much like mine her hair is.  The stylist blew it dry and it looked exactly like mine does when she blows it straight.  Although the only time I ever have straight hair is after a haircut.  I'm too lazy to straighten it.  And I'm so used to curly hair I think I look weird with straight hair.  {she has asked I not share pictures of it yet.  she's self-conscious.  but next week after more people around us have seen it, I'll share}

Dare I say, in one week, Lily is almost totally potty-trained?  I'm surprised, but I'm not.  I knew she was ready and that she'd catch on quickly.  But she's had very few accidents and even stayed dry in pull-ups while out and about and woken up dry from naps.  This weekend I'm going to not use pull-ups at all.  Except for church.  Sundays are too crazy and if she has an accident, it might be hard for one of us to get to her quickly and that's not cool.

Lily has been sick again.  Which adds to my surprise at the potty-training success.  She came down with a fever on Sunday night and it's lingered.  I took her in on Monday, since it was just two weeks ago her 7-day fever finally broke.  She has another virus, including a sore throat.  Even with fevers and not feeling well, she's kept going on the potty.  It's the saddest thing for your barely 2 baby to whimper out "potty" from her feverish spot on the couch.  But she did it!  Her fever is coming down slowly and she's mostly back to herself.  I am very close to asking for a referral to Ear-Nose & Throat doctor.  I really think something about her anatomy makes her susceptible to these infections and viruses.

Although she did vomit all over her carseat yesterday.  I think she let mucous build up from not wanting to swallow, choked and couldn't stop the gag reflux.  It kept coming and coming.  We had just pulled up to the house.  I jumped out to get her, but every time I went to unbuckle her, she'd start puking again.  You know you are a pro-mom when you pull a diaper out of the seat pocket to catch some of the puke in!  Luckily, she's held stuff down since then.

Gracie.  Oh Gracie.  She's going to be my boy crazy one.  She's only 4, so I hope she grows out of it.  She talks about wanting a boyfriend and wanting to kiss him.  I blame Tangled!  She has watched that movie so many times.  But, if you ask her, she will tell you her only boyfriend right now is Daddy and she's not allowed to have a boyfriend until she's 16.  So there.

So, what's new with you?

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