Monday, August 15, 2011

7 and a half years, 3 children and it finally happened

There are those rites of passage that all parents go through.  Being puked on, pooped on, blow-outs, accidents, green beans being raspberried all over the place, and the list goes on.

All parents realize, at some point, your child will lock themselves in a vehicle.

It took longer than I would have expected, but we finally went through that rite of passage.

Miss Rose & Gracie were headed to spend the night with their Aunt who lives about 90 miles away.  We met halfway to do the exchange.  Lily wasn't quite ready for a sleepover (although mama would have gladly let her go!).  While I was moving carseats over, Lily climbed in the front of the van (which was off) and was playing.

The transitions were made and I grabbed Lily and put her in the back to climb into her seat, which is on the driver's side.  Went around to open the door to buckle her in and...all the doors were locked!

I quickly ran back around to my sister's car before she could pull away.  I needed some moral support and perhaps her phone, since all my stuff was in the van.  I was nervously laughing, knowing things would be okay, but still panicked!

Thankfully, the keys were sitting on top of my purse on the passenger seat.  I had to yell to get Lily's attention.  I am so glad she wasn't buckled in then!  It took a few minutes to communicate to her to get reach up front and get my keys. Then it took a few more minutes of telling her to hit the buttons on the alarm for her to finally hit the "unlock"button, but it worked!

I'm sure it took no more than five minutes, but it did feel like an eternity.  Lily was quite proud of herself proclaiming "I did it" several times, although I don't think she realized that she was locked in the van.

And I'm thankful we didn't have the experience my friend shared on Facebook with me, where his 7 year old son locked himself in the car in their garage, and remembered about the "emergency hammer" in the glove compartment to break windows.  He broke two windows out of the vehicle.  I'm thinking a 7 year old would have been capable of unlocking a door, but the hammer was much more exciting.

I wonder what our next rite of passage will be.

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  1. I know it was probably really nerve racking when it happened. When I accidently locked my son in the car he was less than a year old and in no position to help. Also he thought mommy running around the car trying doors was hysterically funny. Luckily one window was cracked open and I was able to fit something through it to unlock the door. Crazy.


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