Thursday, August 11, 2011

7:17am on a thursday

It's 7:17am.  I've been awake since 6:35am when I heard Lily crying for her "wee-ooo" which is how she says "Wubbie", which is the little red blanket she's addicted to.

The duck came several months ago, but her attachment is to the long skinny tag on the blanket.  She has gotten very adept at turning the blanket with one hand until she finds that tag, and then the tag goes next to her nose while she sucks the two middle fingers on her left hand.

I went in, found the Wubbie, which had fallen between the  bed and the wall and turned on the music.  Lily said "wake up?"  I said no and tucked her back in.  Then a few minutes later Miss Rose got up from the couch and asked to go to the airbed in her room, where her cousin is sleeping on her bed.  The airbed they were both so excited about, didn't turn out to be where either of them wanted to sleep after a chance to lay on it.

Bean settled Miss Rose and left for work and I pretended I'd be able to doze off again.

But as I expected, before 7am I heard the little girls and a minute later the pitter patter of feet coming towards my room.  Then it's a battle to get them to whisper since my room is right next to Miss Rose's and she's always sensitive to that.  I quickly abandon the idea of snuggling with them in bed because they are loud.

I get them settled on the couch to watch little Einstein and I get them cups of dry cereal.  I go back to my bed to see if I can doze.  Two minutes later Gracie yells out "milk!"  Just that one word.  I'm working on manners and polite talking, but she's the worst offender of NOT talking that way.  I try to tell her "in a minute" without yelling too loud and disturbing Miss Rose and cousin.  Then Lily pads in and tells me in her cute 2-year-old-speak that they want milk and I say "five minutes" which she attempts to convey to Gracie.

The little girls are arguing over something on the couch, both attempting to lay at either end and their legs are touching.  Ok, ok, I'm up.  I get milk.  But they argue over who gets the blue cup and who gets the purple cup.  They both want purple.  (note to self, buy another pack of sippies so we have two purples).

I'm thankful this morning I have my favorite coffee and favorite creamer.  With the strong espresso coffee and caramel flavor, it's almost as good as my favorite Starbucks drink. And so much cheaper!  And so many fewer calories to.

It's now 7:37.  Gracie decided she'd drink from the blue cup after all.  Miss Rose & cousin are up and finishing a movie they started last night.  I'm about to re-heat my coffee.  I have a thing about super hot, almost burning my tongue coffee.  Unless I'm drinking coffee out and about, I reheat it at least twice.  Usually because I am interrupted so many times while drinking it.

We're supposed to go to the beach today.  I'm NOT feeling it.  Hoping I can come up with a substitute activity that will please Miss Rose.  She had heart set on the beach.  But the little girls have a cold, that I probably gave them, which turned into a sinus infection for me.  And I'm tired.

So that's what's going on this morning.

I'm going to embrace the day.  Whatever it holds.  Even when kids are grumpy and mama is tired.  I love Thursdays no matter what state we are in, because we call it a "Mama day" around here.  As opposed to a day the kids have a babysitter or go to Grammie's house.

{brief pause while I carry Gracie to my bed to play.  don't even ask.  i'm her mama, she's my girl and sometimes i do silly things she asks me to.}

I peaked in and Lily is laying on Miss Rose on the airbed watching the movie with the girls.  Moments like that are so precious!  That's what Thursdays are about, slow mornings of being together.

How's your day so far?


  1. :) That sounds a lot like our mornings, but with 2 less kids....This morning held for me 6 phone calls, a visit to court for custody paperwork for a girl at church, getting the office ready for the girl and her baby to stay the night tonight, a run to the 99 cent store with a crying 4 year old who refused to move, and finally back home by 12:30. Phew!! You are right, I still need to embrace this day!

  2. I hope you got a nap in, or at least some rest time on Thursday!


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