Monday, August 8, 2011

the legend of Hopper

Once upon a time there was a little bunny, who would be named Hopper.

Hopper was being chased by a cat and was rescued by an angel named Stacy, who searched high and low for a suitable home for this friendly little bunny.

Enter Auntie Mimi, who became aware of Hopper and although she really wanted the bunny herself, she instead baited her sister, who was also a bunny lover and mother of three girls who desperately wanted a pet of their own.

After a flurry of emails, it was decided that Hopper would come to live with the little girls, who couldn't have been more excited.

The three little girls hugged, squeezed, kissed and loved the little bunny so much.

The mama sat down the first night to determine the breed of this bunny.

But oh no, s/he appeared to look a lot like a wild cottontail rabbit.  This was not good.  There were warnings that wild bunnies may be friendly for a time, but may get mean and wouldn't thrive in a domestic setting.

The girls were warned that Hopper might not get to stay, but they would get a forever bunny soon.

Daddy took Hopper (along with the girls) to Project Wildlife where they agreed Hopper looked wild and thought s/he might be a bush bunny.

The little girls were sad, but they were brave and anxiously awaited a new bunny.

Imagine the family's surprise, when one day later they received a call that Hopper didn't seem to be wild after all.  Hopper was very dependent on humans and didn't exhibit the normal characteristics of a wild bunny.

And the little girls rejoiced!  Hopper could come home to stay, and be their forever bunny.

Hopper already has a fan club.  Hopper might even need a Facebook Fan page for updates.

And this friends, is the legend of Hopper.


  1. wow! He does look like a wild bunny. We had one in our backyard last summer. :) Glad he's tame though :) My girls want a bunny SO bad. But our dogs chase bunnies. Not a good combo. :)

  2. Can I be the fan club president? No seriously. I <3 Hopper.


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