Friday, August 12, 2011

Miss Spotty, mena & chunks of love

It still is true that my blog is basically a cyber baby book for my children.  I was great at filling out baby books for the first two during their first year.  Notsomuch after that.  And Lily?  Still haven't even cracked Lily's book open.  I did an okay job of her First Year Calendar.  I still have yet to order a copy of her birth certificate.

Here's a couple cute stories I have to share, so that I won't forget!

We have a handful of movies that are in the van and we aren't good about changing them out.  The kids don't seem to mind though.  Shrek is one of our van movies.  The other day in the car Gracie starts telling me how when the Princess is an ogre, her name is Miss Spotty.

Like all mom's do, I nodded and said "oh yeah?  interesting" and didn't ask her about it.  She brought it up again when Miss Rose was in the car, and we started discussing why Gracie thinks this and she claimed there was a point in the movie where Fiona says her name is Miss Spotty.

Yesterday, Shrek was on and I remembered to ask Gracie when Fiona says that.  We got to that part in the movie (when she first turns into an ogre) and turned it up to listen.  Fiona says to Donkey at one point "it's me, in this body."  Wouldn't you know, it does sound A LOT like "Miss Spotty."

Miss Rose and I laughed so hard.

If you are watching Shrek, listen closely and you too might hear Fiona calling herself "Miss Spotty."

I also must record that Lily calls bananas "menas".  It's the cutest thing.  Bean and I still refer to oatmeal as opelay often, which is what Gracie called it when she was real little.  I love the words kids make up that become part of our vocabulary.  Miss Rose gets frusterated because she wants to say "spaghetti" but it still comes out as "masghetti".

One last story for the road.  (Because we are driving somewhere, I guess.  Sometimes I sound so old!)

A few weeks before my birthday, we were eating dinner and I was joking around with Miss Rose and I told her "you should do chores and earn extra money so you can buy me a nice present."

She looked at me and said "um, no.  I will get you a big...chunk...of love."  She really said it like that with those pauses for emphasis.

Going along with it, I said "oh yeah, well how will you give it to me?"

Not missing a beat, Miss Rose said "I will cut open my heart and then squeeze the blood all over you."

Well, there you have it folks.  I'm not even sure what to say about that one.

A quick, creative, yet logical thinker my girl is.

And that's the end of this entry in my cyber baby book.


  1. Love those!! Bailey and Skylar were singing "Glory Glory Halle-new-jah" today :) I love their words!


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