Monday, August 15, 2011

mom-cation: both feet in one world

I took the week off from work.  About a month ago I realized I was feeling pretty burnt out---on work, life, kids, everything.  And then I realized, I hadn't taken any substantial time off work since Christmas.  I have quite a bit of vacation built up, which also is a good indication that it's time for some time off.

A true vacation, where you leave home and eat out every meal definitely isn't in our budget.  I feel like it will never be!  Plus, the kids are still a little young to truly make the most of a vacation.  We need to invest in a timeshare where we can bring our own food, have bedrooms and a living room etc.  That's our kind of vacation.

But, if you can't afford a vacation, there's no better place to live than San Diego!  Everyday living can be like a vacation if approached the right way.  So staycations are the norm for us.  At their ages, the kids really just want to be with us.

I've used the term "mom-cation" before and decided to google it today.  I found that it typically refers to a vacation moms go on by themselves or when moms prioritize a project or hobby over some of the daily chores.

For this mom, a mom-cation means being just a mom.  Just doing the mom thing.  It's no vacation though.  It's being a full-time mom I always am, without the full-time other job.  It's actually being able to keep the house picked up, to do errands, plan fun outings and not feeling overtired from the work week.

Balancing a career and motherhood often means less of the fun stuff, the hanging out, the lazy mornings.  Schedules have to be adhered to.  There are morning wake-ups and making lunches and the only time for bathing is at night.  By the end of the week the house is a wreck, because the kids are a priority and there isn't much energy for more than being fully present with them.

My mom-cation started out by hitting the youth swim night on Sunday.  Hanging out, kids swimming, eating s'mores.  We were home and had the little girls in bed by 9pm but Miss Rose stayed later with a friend and didn't get to bed until 10pm.  That is mom-cation.  Normally, we'd be in bed on time on Sundays, because everyone has to wake up and be ready for the day early on Monday.

This morning we lounged around the house a bit and then hit the road for some errands--without having to worry about what time it was, when we'd be home, naptime etc.

It was a big day for Miss Rose!

Notice anything new?  (sparkle sparkle)

Her cousin had her ears pierced recently and that seemed to give Miss Rose the courage she needed to commit.  She got pretty nervous right when it was time for the piercing and needed to hold my hand.  She cried, but she didn't freak out (which is a sign she is growing up).  And she was very happy to have her ears pierced.

The little girls wanted a photoshoot at Old Navy.  Silly girls.

I got to do the two things that I love the most.  Be with my kids and exercise!  I exercised this afternoon so that Bean could exercise when he got home from work.  We've been trying to exercise together, but it's gotten pretty challenging.

I also had the energy to clean & organize the little girls' room.  Honestly, what do you do when your 4-year-old owns at least 20 stuffed dogs, and knows every one of them?  She cycles through which ones she plays with, but they all get played with.  I feel so guilty downsizing, because she loves them so much.  But their room usually ends up with a huge pile of stuffed animals in the corner.  Not tonight though!  This mom-cationing mom had the energy to put things away and even dust.  Amazing.

Being a stay-at-home mom is exhausting.  I know this.  And it is a full-time job.  I know if I were a stay-at-home mom, I wouldn't always have the energy for all of these things.

But since usually I live with a foot in both worlds, it is a breath of fresh air to have both feet in one world for the next 7 days.

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  1. oh yay for miss Rose's earrings!! Reagan got hers done at age 7 also. I think it's a good age :)

    Doesn't it feel SO good to get a room organized? You almost don't want to let them back in it so it can stay nice for a while. Or is that just me? :)


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