Thursday, August 4, 2011

welcome! come on in, but don't look in the closets

Welcome to my very own brand new space on the interwebs! I am so excited that this has all come about. Those who may have been following me for a while (which is like 4 people, 2 who are related to me) will know this is my third blogsite! But my first actual url and personalized design.

A huge thanks to a secret sponsor that helped make it possible. And to Liz of Sweet Simplicity Designs for making my ideas come alive on the screen. Liz's husband was my senior prom date. I had great intentions of finding a photo to scan and share here, but it just hasn't happened. I still might though. Stay tuned.

I also envsioned this fabulous blog launch with all my ducks in a row and everything on the blog and new design being perfect.  But who I am kidding.

I remembered that I work almost full time and have three young kids and it's summer and life never slows down.  So here I am.  It sure looks pretty!  But not every link has content and there are things I still want to add.  It will come as we go I guess.

It's like when you move into a new house and your furniture is in place and maybe even a few pictures on the wall.  But there's a room everything is shoved into and the closets are a mess!  But I'm still really glad you are here.

While I still am the ringmother of a Three Bean Circus, I decided I wanted a theme to my blog that was a little wider and had more room for development.  This is still a family blog, and also where I love to share my life and thoughts.

Why EMBRACE THIS DAY?  It took me quite a while to land there.  Just ask my sisters and my husband who are my blog muses.

In a nutshell, a few years ago I read a line on a blog (that I since can't find the link to) that said "Embrace the life you didn't expect."  It has really stuck with me.  Because who of us is living the life we expected to live?  Some things are better than we ever expected, some things are more challenging.

As a busy mom, every day usually turns out differently than I expected.

I can let these things completely throw me off.  I can let them ruin my day.  I can let them put me in a funk.

Or I can embrace them.

Several months ago I had the epiphany that when the Psalmist says "this is the day the Lord made" it wasn't just talking about the wonderful good days.  It doesn't only apply to the Sunday morning worship service where it's often quoted.  It applies when the day is falling apart and nothing is going my way.  It's still the day the Lord made.  And I can't ignore the next part of the verse which says "I will rejoice and be glad in it."  Not always easy.

I have been trying to live by this principle for a while.  It does help.  I'm not always successful at embracing what the day holds, but I'm working on it.

I've missed blogging the past few weeks.  I purposefully took a bit of a break to get more on the new site, although I didn't get all done that I hoped.  But I'm back now and will be adding stuff as I go.

Let me know what you think of everything!  I'd love your feedback, both positive and negative.


  1. Awesome Corrina! Love the look of it, the feel of it, the colors, the header and even your signature! I am developing my own site right now too so looking for a ton of ideas. Very exciting!! Maybe I'll be able to find a "secret sponsor" too - how fun! :)

  2. Yay! I'm so excited for you!!! It looks awesome!! Just remember...I knew you before you became famous :)


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