Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fever monster

I am writing from my phone with a sleeping baby in my lap. She may be more of a little girl than a baby, with strong opinions and a lot to say. But until she is 3, which is only a few months away, she's my baby.

Lily's fever monster is back. I just coined that phrase this morning. But that's what it is. A fever with no cause, no virus, no infection. Just an over reactive immune system.

I can't link from my phone, but she's been diagnosed with a Fever Syndrome. There is no real course of treatment or even much of an understanding of what causes it. Sometimes the removal of tonsils decreases the frequency of fevers. But that's not the go-to solution yet.

It had been 6+ weeks since her last fever. I was hoping that meant she was healed! I am still praying for complete deliverance from the fever monster.

To make matters worse, Lily's last bloodwork showed elevated liver enzymes. The doctor said that can happen with Tylenol usage so he recommended we only use Motrin for her fevers until she has repeat bloodwork. Normally we would alternate Tylenol and Motrin every three hours, which keeps her more comfortable and the fever lower.

With three hours to go before the next dose of Motrin, her fever is almost at 103. Which means it will be 104 or higher in three hours. Lily is miserable.

I'm thankful it's my day off today and we had no big plans. I'm going to embrace the moments to snuggle and hold my sleeping baby. And it's a great reason to watch some daytime television. Bring on Lifetime, TLC and maybe a little E!

What are you embracing today?

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  1. Sorry friend :( Is there anything else you can alternate Motrin with? Is Advil the same active ingredient?? You can also have your doc tell you the exact dosage for her weight so you might be able to go up a bit.
    Praying for her healing and for rest for you! Love you!


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