Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Life lacks margin most days.
Margin is where I find time to blog.

So much seems out of my control.  It's just life, whether I like it or not.

So, I remind myself how much I love these people and how quick these days pass and how soon the years fly by.  Just yesterday I was thinking that in about  6 months Gracie will be 5 years old.  

5 years old is a big marker in my mind for some reason.  No longer a toddler, not necessarily a preschooler.  And then I'll just have one baby.  A milestone for a mother of three.  

I'm still learning how to mother these children that aren't really babies any longer.   
They are my reward, my heritage {psalm 127:3} 

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  1. Good reminder Corrina - it's helps for me to read this because I am really in the thick of it with a night waking 5 month old and a 3 year old who is challenging me to no end.


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