Monday, September 19, 2011

in which I tell you never again, again and I've learned my lesson...again

I don't know why I doubt myself or second guess my gut.  When it comes to my kids, I'm often right on.  Especially when it comes to their medical care.

I plan to research and write more in the future on this topic, but the more I ruminate (such a good word!  reminds me of masticate, which means to chew, but in ruminating, I'm chewing on my thoughts) about Lily's fever syndrome and even several fevers that Gracie had as a baby and young toddler, the more I see a link to vaccinations.

I have vaccinated my children according to the pediatrician's schedule and I'm not necessarily anti-vaccination.  But, I do think some children's immune systems don't handle the vaccines very well, especially when receiving multiple vaccines at once.  By the time Gracie was born, I had heard of spacing vaccines more and various schedule and books that were out there, but it was something I just didn't take the time to do the research myself.

My pediatrician is pretty great, but he is also pretty old school.  I usually just brush him off or stand my ground and he's okay with my decisions.

But sometimes I second guess myself and go ahead with what he's suggested.

Case in point.

Gracie had a physical this past week.  Her preschool needed a form filled out and since she will start kindgergarten in one year, the pediatrician office did her kindergarten physical now and it will still be good for next year.

I knew it required booster shots.  The thought of spacing them or looking into them more did cross my mind.  But I figured, she's 4 and a half now and they are just boosters of shots she's already had.  So I decided to just let her receive the shots according to schedule.

Then there's the flu shot deal.  Or the flu mist as my pediatrician now gives.  I go back and forth.  Sometimes my kids have received it, sometimes not.  He said the flu mist shouldn't have any symptoms.

So when the doctor wanted to give it to Gracie, I waxed and waned a bit.  I decided, maybe it's a good idea this year, since she's in actual preschool now.

Apparently I forgot that when Miss Rose had her kindergarten physical, I gave in for the same reason.  And she ended up with a minor flu for a day or two.

Do you see where this is going?

Gracie had fevers and headaches off and on for almost 4 days.  She'd seem fine, then start to complain of a headache and be very whiny and I'd notice she had a slight fever.  Of course with her, fevers make her vomit--which did happen in the wee hours of Sunday morning.  Thankfully she was already in bed with us and we were prepared.

Honestly, never again.

When it comes time for Lily to have the Kindergarten shots, we will space them out.  Especially given her fever syndrome.

And my kids will NEVER get the flu shot or flu mist again.

I'd rather them get the actual flu.  Because they may not get the actual flu.  I think I had my senses about me last fall and no one got the flu shot, and no one got deathly ill.

This afternoon I was going through some old documents on Google and found a record I had started of multiple fevers Gracie was getting.  Although they weren't as frequent or severe as Lily's she had some periodic fevers as well, that really kicked in after her one year shots.

I wish.  I wish I had read.  I wish I had studied.  I wish I had paid attention.

While I trust my children will have no lasting effects, and while I understand the necessity to some extent, it grieves my mothers heart that they've been through so much when maybe it could have been different.

This lesson, I won't be forgetting.


  1. i'm so sorry. it's hard to be a mom sometimes. we don't usually get flu shots b/c that thing is never guaranteed to work for the strain that will be going around that season. i caved last year b/c emma was in preschool and i had a newborn at home ... and we all got the mini-flu from the mist. UGH.

  2. I agree, the mist is awful. I refuse to give my little one the flu shot and did space the vaccinations out way more than they "recommend". It's so hard being a mama especially when a doctor you trust is telling you one thing and your instincts are telling you something else. Go with gut! It's usually right :)


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