Friday, September 23, 2011


I've never had enough pictures to participate in InstaFriday before, but today I think I do!

Actually though, I have too many pictures taken on my phone and not enough with a real camera.  I need to get in the habit of bringing our camera with us all the time.  Or I need to get the iPhone 5, which will have a much better camera than my 3G.

Here's typical Gracie at the end of last week.  She changes clothes at least 3 times a day right now.  Between regular clothes and dress up clothes and a combination of both.

I ran 8 miles on Saturday.  This is an awesome part of one of my running locations.  It's an out and back, and everyone loves to touch the bullseye.

Bean had to work on Saturday, so after I got back from my run he left and we were off to Gracie's soccer game.  I was running a little late and it was our turn to bring snack...I thought that cutting up orange slices at the game was very ingenuous.

The youngest munchkins.  In another year or two, it will finally be their turn to play soccer.  In the meantime, they found that sitting up on the fence was a good way to pass the time.

Big cousin, pulling little cousin and soccer supplies while Gracie and Lily help push the wagon and another teammate runs alongside.  They were adorable.

Saturday night we went to the Padre game.  Which with three young children, Bean and I decided its more like babysitting in a public place.  Bean spent a lot of time getting food and snacks, I made a gazillion trips to the bathroom and the kids were passed all around and up and down rows (we were there with a group from church).  The kids got super hopped up on sugar.

Towards the end of the game Gracie was sitting on a friend's lap and and every time music came on, she started boucing like crazy and was super excited about the tiki torch type things that go off when there is a homerun and would chant "fire, fire, fire."

Sunday... Do you think we have a problem?  Actually, Gracie does.  She loves her a stuffed animal, or 20.  She plays with many of them.  But I was actually successful in getting her to give up 2 trash bags full.  And yet it still feels like there are 200 in the house.  (do you spy a couple VINTAGE items in there?)

Oh Monday.  This is what my car looks like at the end of a workday.  Jackets, lunch bags, school paperwork and more.  It takes me about 10 minutes to unload my van.

Wednesday going to church...Gracie likes color, and she likes to match.   She decided to experiment with sandals and socks.  The matching is quite impressive, even if the style isn't my taste.

Thursday.  Doctor, again.  We spend SO much time in doctor's offices between routine exams and sick appointments.  I had to pick Miss Rose up from school because she was sick.  Gracie and Lily were maniacs in the exam room.  I was so happy when we could finally leave.  I also had to take the little girls to the dentist, although I didn't get a picture there.

Miss Rose requested a smoothie for her throat, so the littles got chocolate milk.

My little girls love wearing my high heeled shoes.  We have all wood floors.  You do the math.  They get out no less than 6 pairs of shoes a day.

No pictures from today so far.  Miss Rose stayed home again.  If I could post a picture for today, it would be of a super size diet coke with extra ice from McDonald's.  I know its bad for me.  But it's so good.  And it's caffeine.  Miss Rose left her sunglasses at the library earlier.  So maybe picking them up is a great excuse to make a quick drive-thru.

And the Insta-challenge...something you hate. 
The man, I love fiercely.
The corn breading I would eat.
The hot dog inside...I hate! 

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Love that last one :) Your van looks like mine. I joke that we could live in there for at least a couple weeks :)


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