Wednesday, September 7, 2011

new beginnings for little girls

The little girls started preschool today.

We had to run by the grocery store this morning to get the right snack items required by the school (must be 2 food groups).

Lily insisted on bringing this toy dog carrier into the store as a purse.  The girls also insisted on putting their hands on the railing and were fighting over who put hands where.

Do you just love how Miss Rose  & Gracie are both wearing shirts with wide, bright stripes?  Completely unplanned and coincidental that they have such similar shirts, but I loved it.

The sun was shining in their eyes, but here they are with their lunch bags.

Yes, Lily is holding a house cordless phone.  It's become a toy because there is something wrong with our phone line somewhere in the house.

Check out Gracie's socks.  She's my girl who likes to match (some of the time) and managed to spot some striped socks that matched her shirt almost perfectly.

I attempted to take a self-portrait of us three before walking them into school.  But I wasn't too good at it.



 And thanks to Diptic, here's all of us.

They didn't cry when I dropped them off this morning (they start the morning in separate classrooms and then are together in aftercare).  And they were happy when I picked them up, although very glad to see me.  Lily's first words were "I miss you Mommy."  Melt.My.Heart.

Now, all that's entailed in getting three children off to actual schools and myself to work is another story.  That I'll save for tomorrow.

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  1. I wish our school had the snack rule. One boy brought gummi bears and licorice for his snack. Seriously?! They all look so cute!


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