Thursday, September 22, 2011

this is never goes as planned

I started out today with the best of intentions.

All week long various projects and tasks get filed in the back of my mind "to do on my days off."  Often though, by the time I get to my days off I don't remember what those projects and tasks are.  Or I get distracted by other things and don't think of them until I'm too tired at the end of the day.

Last night I decided today (Thursday) would be my work day--I'd focus on the necessary projects and set myself up for a deserved easier day on Friday.  I made a list of all I needed to do before I went to sleep.  My neighbor is driving to school this week, which made for an easy early morning.  A run with the kids in the jogger was on my to-do list, so I didn't get up early to run.

I got the girl off to school, was drinking my coffee and gearing up for an 8:30am start to my to-do list.  I was ready.

Then my phone rang, a number I didn't recognize, but seemed vaguely familiar.

It was 8:15am and Miss Rose's school was on the phone.  School starts at 7:50am.  Miss Rose had gone to the office in tears with a headache.  She hadn't complained before school at all, but that in itself was so unusual that it was cause for concern.

I wasn't dressed, the little girls weren't dressed.  If I rushed us out of the house in clothes, we could get Miss Rose and get her to the walk-in sick appointments by 9am.  Plus I had to pick up a physical form they had completed for Lily.

Who needs to wash their face, brush their teeth or apply deodorant in these circumstances?  Not this girl!

Miss Rose has complained intermittently of ear pain, usually associating it with her newly pierced ears, which I have written off.  And it was just last Thursday I picked her up from school with a sore throat.  And she is constantly congested from allergies.  I suspected an ear infection.

We actually got in to an exam room within 10 minutes.  An exam room that got smaller by the minute with two little monkey's swinging around.

Ears were clear, but all her symptoms and a look at her throat pointed to Strep Throat.  The rapid test came back negative, but based on all the facts, the doctor decided to treat her for strep and based on her breakdown at school, something is going on and has been.  The kid has a high pain tolerance.

Off to the pharmacy, and while they got the medication ready--Starbucks inside Vons because Miss Rose was requesting a smoothie, and the little girls got chocolate milk (which they finished on the walk from Vons to Rite Aid).

More than two hours since we left the house, we finally got home.  Where I tackled a few of the projects on my list.  Even though I felt completely exhausted.

A few hours of projects, taking photos of things I'm supposed to sell on eBay, feeding children and then it was time for a lovely trip to the dentist with the little girls.  Miss Rose's appointment had to be rescheduled. Thankfully Bean was already leaving work early to help at the dentist, so he came home instead to stay with Miss Rose.

Gracie was apprehensive but did fairly well through her cleaning and exam.  Unfortunately, she has a cavity that needs to be filled.  Her back teeth are very tight and in spite of brushing and even flossing, she has a cavity between two back molars.  I haven't told her that yet.  Not looking forward to that appointment.

Lily screamed bloody murder through her exam, which didn't even include a cleaning.  It's always joyful moment when the dentist has to get his noise-canceling headphones out.  He's had to do it many times with Miss Rose.

Then, the heavens opened up and God smiled upon me.  I got home with a 45-minute window before Bean left for a class he's taking.  Which meant, mama got to run.  Glorious.  It was a sanity run.  And I needed that sanity so badly I ran fast and further than I originally planned.

Because when I got back, I toweled off and took Gracie to soccer practice.

See friends, the fun never ends!

Home with a tired 4yr old and sassy as ever 2yr old (my mom stayed with Miss Rose during practice).  Dinner, baths, bed.  Flying solo.

This is life. No two days are the same.  There is always the unexpected.  Most things don't go according to plan.

But, that's ok.  I embrace each day, I embrace the mothering moments.  I embrace the right to be tired and proud.

We shall see what tomorrow holds!

**and of course I was in the bathroom with Lily, who was "nervous peeing" when Miss Rose was called back.  And she had to poop while they were ringing me up at the pharmacy.  And she had to nervous pee again at the dentist, forcing me to leave Gracie in the chair getting xrays, which she was none too thrilled about.  At least she wasn't having accidents I guess.**

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