Thursday, September 1, 2011

today's accomplishments

It wasn't an easy day.

Lily's fever went up to 105.1 at one point in the evening.

Bean was at work, then had class tonight, so I was solo-parenting.  Yes, I wanted to pull my hair out at several times, but I can handle it and I'm glad Bean went to class.

Here's what I accomplished today...

a lot of holding of a feverish toddler

finding ways to entertain a 4 year old while so occupied with the toddler

being thankful that a neighbor kid was home today and entertained the 7yr old all day

washed a few dishes

put a few things away

painted the 4 yr old's fingernails

let her paint my toenails

fed kids, bathed 2 kids [7yr old showered herself, whoo-hoo]

managed to not put any children on the corner for sale [even though the 4 yr old was SUPER cranky tonight]

put a warm compress on the 4 yr olds eye for 10 minutes [this is a huge accomplishment any day]

I feel SO behind on life right now.  Which is pretty common.  Sheets need washing, floors need cleaning.  Drawers need organizing.  A new piece of furniture for the living room needs sanding and painting.  I desperately need to get rid of some of Gracie's stuffed animals.  Their bedroom looks like a stuffed animal zoo.  Animals everywhere.  There is an extra desk in Miss Rose's room that needs to be moved out.

The list goes on.

But in order to embrace the day, I must focus on what did get accomplished and trust that was enough and it was right for today.  What else are you going to do, with a sick little one, but get through the day?  There's always tomorrow.

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