Sunday, September 11, 2011

turn up, shut up, change up

We are a musical family.  Or at least that's what I hope to cultivate in our family.

Music has always been integral in my life.  My dad started playing guitar when he was 7 years old and that's one of the things that most signifies my dad to me.  My dad played guitar at home with the family, he played at church, he taught guitar lessons to scores of kids and teens.

My mom played piano and they both sang.  Music continued to be important to me as I developed my own taste and voice.  Thanks to the privilege of singing with a few incredible girls in college, my voice matured and I spent many years leading worship.  Bean grew up on music too.  His brother toured in a punk rock band for years and Bean started playing guitar and learned bass too.

When I was pregnant with Miss Rose and Gracie, I was practicing and singing multiple worship services each week, and Bean was playing guitar and doing a little singing.  When Gracie was an infant, I'd practice worship while wearing her in a sling.

Music often plays in our home, in our car.

My girls love music.  They love to dance to some hip hop and they love to worship.

My girls are also opinionated.

Here's a typical ride in our minivan.

Turn the car on, usually the Matt Redman "Beautiful News" CD is playing.  My kids love to wear CD's and songs out.

Gracie wants to hear "stranger to mercy" which is the first line of the song "Take It To The Streets".

Lily immediately demands "Never Let Go" usually by saying "oh no never let go mama".  

A verbal battle ensues until I raise my voice and quell the argument.

We finally choose which song to play first, and then Lily says "turn it up" but in her toddler voice, it somehow sounds like "shut up."

And EVERYDAY Gracie and Miss Rose say "did Lily say shut up?"  Then Lily goes ahead and says "shut up" because the girls are talking about it.

Then it's Miss Rose's turn.  She is into the radio right now and hip hop songs.  Miss Rose wants to change it up, "I don't want to listen to Never Let Go, can we turn on the radio?"

On the occasions I turn the radio on 99% of the time, the song lyrics are inappropriate and we try another station, and it's usually the same story.  So it's back to the CD, much to the chagrin of Miss Rose.

Friends, this happens every day in my vehicle, every time we are in the vehicle, which is usually multiple times.

Maybe it's time to look into iPod shuffles and earbuds for the girls.

I kid, I kid.

What do your kids listen to in the car?   How do you determine who gets to choose the music?


  1. We listen to a few CD's of Vacation Bible School songs that the kids love (just worship music sung by kids), as well as what's on our normal Ipod. They love listening to music too, but if it's the radio we just keep it on The Fish since usually something inappropriate will come on another station. Maybe Miss Rose would like some Christian Hip-Hop CD's - there are even a few kid groups like that out right now. You could also try Radio Disney for her if she likes that...

  2. I wish we had a station like The Fish in San Diego. I need to see if we have Radio Disney. But your comment made me realize I might be able to find some streaming music that I can play from my iPhone and use the cassette adapter to play it in the car. Thanks :)

  3. We have Sirius in the van so it keeps things a little changed up from just cd's. But they do love their vbs cd's. :) My thoughts on radio disney are that 99% of the subject matter is not appropriate. Just my humble opinion :)


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