Friday, October 14, 2011

friday family night

It feels like we have been extremely busy these last several weeks.  Every day, something is going on.  Weekends full of various events and commitments.  This weekend, we finally have a bit of a breather.  I'll run tomorrow morning, Gracie has a soccer game at 11am and the rest of the day is appointment free.  I'm sure we'll get stuff done that needs to get done, but we have some margin, and that's good.

Tonight was a fun family night.  The best family nights don't consist of much out of the ordinary.  I think it has a lot to do with Bean & my attitudes.  If we are relaxed and not worried about a to-do list, things just flow and that's a lot of fun.

Bean bbq'd carne asada.  It's funny how much my kids love red meat.  They get excited any time we prepare it.  We splurged bought the good chips and salsa from the local neighborhood grocery too.  At dinner Miss Rose asked if we could go get a treat after dinner.  It's been a while since we did this, so we agreed.

A few blocks from our house is an old hamburger and ice cream joint called Foster's Freeze, kinda like a Dairy Queen.  I'm pretty sure the inside has looked the same for 20-30 years.  In fact, it was there when I was a kid too.  They have delicious dipped cones.  We took a family walk there tonight for our treat.

We had such a pleasant time and no one got in trouble, no meltdowns (parental or child).    Bean didn't want a cone, but the 4 girls did.  So far, Lily hasn't noticed that we don't get her a dipped cone, but I'm sure that day is coming.

The cones are messes instantly.  Even mine.  We go through an average of 5 napkins per person eating a cone.  Tonight the girls got little bowls to catch the pieces of chocolate and drips.  (yes, you can see that Maleah's chalzion is still there, although a lot smaller than it was)

Lily's cone came out last and she was waiting so patiently.  I offered her a bite of mine and she almost took it, but then she said no, daddy was going to bring hers.  She is getting so big and grown up.  We were at the doctor again today for her fevers.  Still not a lot of answers.  She isn't textbook in anything, so the doctor isn't quite sure what to think.   She is part of a research group he is conducting, so that was the main purpose of our visit, although there are MORE follow up tests that they ordered today.

This girl, so sweet, so bright, so stubborn and focused.  Quite a combination.  We had a real rough patch with her a few months ago but recently she's been very responsive to discipline and to our gentle reminders of our expectations.  She is going to be G.I. Joe Snakc Eyes (a ninja) for Halloween.  My little buck the system child!  She even told her grandma the other day that the pink stripe in her shirt was red because she was refusing to admit she was wearing pink!

And yes.  The photos aren't complete without one of the tired mama in mid-bite.  Notice how messy MY cone is on the table in front of me?  No make up, hair pulled back, this is me on Thursdays and Fridays usually.  Especially when I spend 2 hours at a doctor appointment, when I expected to be there less than an hour.  It's not all glamorous, right?

We walked home, got jammies on and found America's Funniest Home Videos on, one of the girls favorite shows.  We cuddled on the couch while laughing together.

I'm so thankful for the margin we have this weekend.  Whether your weekend is packed full, or has some margin like ours, I hope it's a wonderful one.  Make sure and enjoy every moment you can with family.

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