Monday, October 24, 2011

just write {embracing}

For the first time today, I am joining in to JUST WRITE.  I figure since I've been a bit sporadic in blogging, what better week to start than today. 

I named this blog on purpose.  It's my third blog name since I joined the blogging world some 4ish years ago.  I realized, I needed a name that would stick.  A name that had purpose.  A name that went beyond life with three young kids, because soon enough they won't be young anymore.  A name that speaks to me.

Embrace this day.

It's really hard sometimes.  Because I don't always like the days in front of me.  They are difficult.  They are unpredictable.

Like today.  Miss Rose was awake at 5:30am complaining of a stomach ache.  A Tums and back to bed. Up again at 5:45am, when I'm dressing for my early morning run and Bean is getting in the shower.  We tuck her into our bed and he encourages me to still run (on the treadmill, cause I'm a 'fraidy cat in the dark).

I play the morning by ear, hopeful that she'll perk up and maybe I can drop her off at school a little late.  I'm having a great hair day.  A good run and a great hair day are wonderful ways to start off a Monday.

A puking 7 year old is not.  It wasn't massive amounts, and it was mostly liquid.  But it was still puke.  And 7 year olds, even when they are going on 14, can't make themselves puke.  Her strong grip on my legs as I stood over the couch and tried to hold her hair and the bowl broke my heart.

So me and my great hair took the little girls to preschool, changed into yoga pants and settled in for working from home.  Thankfully Miss Rose didn't vomit again and should be going to school tomorrow.

This was not what I had planned for the day.  But what could I do but embrace it?

I caught up with a friend recently, who has a lot on her plate and a lot going on in life.  Life can be so heavy.

And we wonder, why God?  Why us?  Why this?

I'm learning.  He's teaching me.  Through this book especially.  It's all about His glory.  Everything in my life can be an opportunity to extend his glory, to make his name known, to face the difficulties of life with grace in such a way that shows I am His.  I am his disciple.

Even being home with a sick child.  Because isn't extending his glory, showing his love the most important to the child he's blessed me with?

I am still a work in progress.  Embracing isn't second nature.  I don't want to just tolerate the day.  I want to trust God in every single moment and see what he has for me.

Please remind me of this later this week.  Because Lily's fever is due back.  And I already see the signs that it's coming.  Thankfully we have her Ear, Nose and Throat appointment tomorrow and so they should see things in action.

When I called after the referral was approved, I simply took the next available appointment.

I don't believe it's a coincidence that her appointment is the week she's due to get sick.  The Lord knows how desperate I am.  And as much as I want to protect my daughter, sometimes medical and surgical intervention is necessary.  Still, I must leave it in his hands.  And embrace whatever the appointment holds.

Right now, my children's illnesses seem to be ruling my life.  Miss Rose has already missed 5 days of school due to illness.  Gracie's eye continues to plague us, although it's much better than it was--it's still not gone and we are in the process of getting a second opinion (since the ophthalmologist we saw doesn't do surgery anymore) and then there is Lily and her fevers.

Is there anyway we could have a healthy 2012?