Saturday, October 8, 2011

a little taste of the future

Thank you for the anniversary wishes.  Bean and I had a great day together on Thursday.  We were supposed to go paddle boarding and October is typically a nice, warm month in San Diego.  But wouldn't you know, it rained quite a bit on Wednesday and Thursday was on the cool side.  We just weren't sure if we'd be too cold to really enjoy the activity.

We left the house a little after 9 and headed to a delicious breakfast spot (if you live in Illinois, they have a few there too) we've been to once before.  On the weekends there's always a long wait, but not on a weekday morning!  I tried crepes for the first time and wasn't disappointed at all.

Next we went and walked around Seaport Village, enjoying the sunshine and the bay view.  We went there during our first date over 11 years ago now.  Then I convinced Bean we should go treasure hunting at thrift stores, so we spent a few hours doing that.  Nothing extraordinary, but I picked up a few clothes items for me and the girls.

After all the walking around, sitting for a while sounded good so we went to see a movie and brought in a slice of Cheesecake Factory's Cookie Dough Cheesecake (Bean's favorite, and I enjoy it too).  After that we hit a few more thrift stores before going to Bean's mom's house to change (she was with our kids and we didn't want to disrupt them at the house).

It was on to Vigilucci's in Coronado.  It was our first time there, and it didn't disappoint.  They seated us right next to an outdoor fireplace (which made the always-hot Bean sweat, but it was romantic nonetheless).   We were adventurous and tried an unusual appetizer which was delicious and we both enjoyed our entree's.  They treated us to a creme brulee since it was our anniversary--and creme brulee is always good.  I was SO stuffed by the time we left.

We got home a little after 9pm.  12 hours away from home (big thanks to Memo & Grammie who babysat).  12 hours of not wiping bottoms or boogers, not breaking up fights or listening to little girls clopping around the hardwood floored house in Mama's heels.  It was pretty grand.

This was a very rare day of being together, away from the kids without anywhere we HAD to be, besides our dinner reservation.  It felt like a taste of the future, when our kids are older and we have a little more freedom.  It was nice to reminded how much fun we have together, even when doing nothing.

The next morning the kids were excited to see us.  Lily asked why I didn't kiss her the night before and Gracie was very cuddly.  I will continue to embrace these moments we have while our children are young, but I'm going to enjoy more days like this with Bean in the years to come.


  1. so nice to have a much needed break every once in awhile!!

  2. That sounds so nice!! How great to have parents who live nearby. Happy 10th Anniversary, too!! Loved that last post about marriage, too :)


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