Sunday, October 30, 2011

The monster lives

Thank you for the comments and encouraging words on my last post.

We are still in the midst of dealing with the fever monster, my not so affectionate name for these episodes.

The past few months her high fevers have lasted just two days, but apparently the fever monster heard he was getting evicted and decided to trash the place.

We were treated to a lovely 105 fever last night. That's always the number that really starts to freak me out. Thankfully in an hour or so (after cool cloths on her head & neck and slipping an ice pack under her back) it dropped to a measly 104.

(what 105.2 looks like)

Today I took Lily to Urgent Care just to be sure she hadn't developed any secondary infection. She has a nasty cough that seems to hurt. Thankfully she was clear. Although the doctor said her ears looked slightly red and there was a little bit of fluid, but not a full-fledged infection.

I want to avoid antibiotics and lowering her immune system too much if at all possible. I decided to try garlic-infused olive oil, a home remedy for ears. Lily was not a fan of putting the oil soaked cotton balls in her ears. I had to settle for swabbing and squeezing a little in each ear.

Now she smells good enough to dip French bread in.

I put Lily to bed in her own bed. Her fever is around 103 and she just had Motrin. It would be nice to get a few hours of regular sleep tonight. Last night Bean slept in her bed and Gracie talked herself into sleeping with him (in a twin!) and proceeded to pee the bed! Poor guy was up changing sheets and jammies.

Yesterday I took Gracie and Miss Rose to their cousins school Fall Festival. It was 8,000 degrees, as it often is the last days of October.

They had the best and fastest face painter I've ever seen.

Miss Rose won a cake on the cake walk (nothing to do at all with her uncle calling winners) and chose this!

I love this photo. Her chocolate brown eyes. Wearing her dad's hat. Her airbrushed tattoo. She goes against the grain. She's not a typical girl, and she knows it, yet is proud to rock who she is. I'm overwhelmed with the realization sometimes of the responsibility of raising her and teaching her the ways of the Lord.

I know tomorrow will be a fever day. Thank the Lord for grammie's who will hang with a sick toddler for the day.

Fever Monster be warned. Your days are numbered. About 17 to be exact.

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