Tuesday, October 25, 2011

pumpkin patch preschool

Recently, the little girls' preschool had a field trip to a small pumpkin patch.  It was open for as many parents to attend as desired, so I decided it was worth taking the morning off of work.  I'm sure they would have been fine without me, but I don't think I was quite ready to send my littles off on such an adventure without me.

It was blazing hot, as it usually is in October in San Diego, not fall-like at all.  Almost all the kids had a mom or grandma in attendance.

Although Lily was glued to me most of the time, it was fun to see her in a setting where she was a big girl and not a baby.  I know she's not really a baby anymore, but I am in denial.  (see her cute ponytail? she's very into ponytails these days--and see how red her cheeks were?  HOT)

Gracie was much more independent and spent most of her time with classmates and she wasn't as concerned about where I was.

After a presentation about pumpkins, it was time for a hayride.  Which in So. Cal. means being pulled by a tractor very slowly on a short path.  What are hayrides like in other parts of the country?

Initially, Lily & I followed Gracie onto the wagon she had climbed into.  I cannot get over how grown up Lily is in all these pictures.

But then Gracie's friends hopped off onto another wagon and she wanted to go with them.  I was a little surprised, but happy that she was confident enough to not need to ride with me.

See the back of her curly head all the way across from me?

Obligatory self portrait.  Not bad if I do say so myself.  Please note, I do not normally wear such bulky sunglasses.  Mine got left at homes, so I wore Bean's.  They look hot on him.  Not on me though.

Then it was on to the corn maze, which was fun for everyone.

Holding her teacher's hand.  She's so big. *tear*

Silly little girls.  Please note Gracie's rainbow striped socks.  My girl loves bright colors and stripes and polka dots.  She has a ton of patterned socks that were hand me downs that she loves!

The ponytail.  I die.

Pick a pumpkin!

The classes each took pictures together before we left.

What a special time with my little girls.