Tuesday, October 18, 2011

school pictures

I'm not a big fan of school pictures.  I think they are majorly overpriced.  And I usually prefer photos that catch natural looks or expressions, which isn't always the case for school photos.

But there is something about the posterity of a school photo that always captures me.  To have that keepsake of what they looked like, even in the sterile posed setting, at this point in time.

The school pictures for Gracie & Lily's preschool seemed especially expensive.  We usually buy the cheapest package, so that we have at least a few copies.  The most inexpensive package was $18, and that was for a grand total of 5 photos.  Utterly ridiculous.

But do you know what else is utterly ridiculous?

The utter preciousness of this photo of my little preschoolers.  That is also ridiculous.  Even MORE ridiculous than the price of the photos.  Bestillmyheart.

I was excited that they offered "sibling" photos, since I knew it would save me $18!  They looked equally adorable in their individual photos, but this serves its purpose for posterity's sake.

I even think they *kinda* look like sisters in this picture.

Do you buy school photos?

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  1. So cute!! :) Our school pictures are taken outside, so I can't wait to see how they turn out! :)
    But I disagree...I still don't think they look like sisters. But that's ok. I don't think mine do either :)


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