Friday, November 11, 2011

brain dump

This is a really busy season.  And by season I mean a few weeks or months.  Heck, it's just a busy life.

But it feels especially full right now.  Deadlines, projects, looming dates.

I've been doing a lot of writing lately, which I love, but also takes a lot of energy.  I've written youth curriculum, devotions on Acts and some short dramatic scripts.  I've also written an outline for an Old Testament Survey Course.  I have writing and editing yet to do next week.

I'm teaching the Old Testament course this weekend, today and tomorrow in fact.  I basically talked for 6 hours today and will probably for 4-5 hours tomorrow.  The Old Testament is so rich and deep and has so many layers it's not a big "discussion" topic, although the students always find it fascinating.  But it means I talk, a lot.  And I could talk forever about the Old Testament.  I love it.  But talking for that long is exhausting.

Teaching today and tomorrow means Bean is on full-time daddy duty!  He's a good man.

Tidbits he shared with me about their day...

The first order was taking Lily for bloodwork (I was still home so the other girls were with me) where the technician couldn't find a vein in one arm and had to switch arms.  For the countless times she's had bloodwork, that has NEVER happened.)  Super fun I'm sure.

Lily may or may not have colored on a table at a "car place" which shall remain nameless, with a Sharpie, which Miss Rose brought with her.  (my kids are OBSESSED with Sharpies.  Is this normal?  Are all kids?)  Bean may or may not have thrown the Sharpie away immediately, destroying the evidence.

Lily refused to hold his hand at Sea World, insisting " I know how walk."  Which is the complete opposite of what she tells me, as she freezes and won't move "I no know how walk."

Miss Rose may have spilled hot chocolate on her shirt, necessitating a quick trip home to change before they hit Sea World.

His brother and three cousins came over this afternoon, so he didn't get the cleaning done that he intended (but cousin time and brother time is way better!)

He didn't get time for his Diet Coke fix until 6pm tonight.

Lily had a small accident during nap.  Sheets had to be washed.

Just your average day with the kids!  Bean is a very hands on dad, there's no question about that, but I'm around most of the time too and he usually isn't with them for a full day.  And lucky him, gets almost another full day tomorrow.  And it's supposed to rain! Whoo-hoo.  A day cooped up with the kids.  Oh glory.

I have 4 days to get my life organized and everything in order and the to-do list done and the deadlines met.  Because after that, all my energy will go to Lily.  Her tonsillectomy is on Wednesday.  I'm excited for no more fevers, but nervous.  None of my children have gone under general anesthesia.  I guess I'm glad we've already been through a night in Children's Hospital, so that experience isn't completely new.

There's a lot to do in these next 4 days.  I'm hoping I don't have a nervous breakdown or panic attack in the meantime.  Thinking about it is a little overwhelming, but I have to get it all done so nothing is hanging over my head while I hold my sweet girl.

Last weekend my girls got to spend a day with their aunt while Bean and I were at our marriage discipleship group.  You can read about their fun here!   While you are there, browse around my sister's new blog and design--it's so her and so fun!  Many of the blogs I frequent are moms or moms who run, but it's fun to read from my sister's perspective--since she is single and almost 10 years younger than me.

And just for funsies, here's a few recent pictures to close out tonight's brain dump.

Miss Rose had some lines in a short Veteran's Day production the 2nd graders at her school performed. We are blessed to have her at school that sees music as important the PTF raises funds to have a full-time music teacher.  Miss Rose ROCKED her lines--flawless and perfectly presented.  I was so incredibly proud of her, especially since a year or two ago she would have been too self-conscious to do it.  (Notice Bean is participating in No-Shave-November.  Which could turn into Don't Shave December.  I'm cool with it though.  It's the one thing he changes up in life.  That shirt he's wearing?  He's had it since before we were married.  And even then I think he stole it from his brother. )

How awesome is this crew?  Cousins came out to see Miss Rose.  Plus an extra neighbor kid, you know :)  Because when this many are around, what's one more?!

I'm in love with this picture too.  If I were a photoshop genius, I feel like there's a lot of fun stuff that could be done.  A few weeks ago I took the little girls and my nephew to Sea World.  Two polar bears were out sunning themselves.

My best attempt at getting a photo of us all.  We were in a 3-D show at Sea World.  Once it started, the kids lasted less than 5 minutes before we had to make our exit.  Although they wanted to go in, the reality of 3-D, which includes be sprinkled with water and having wind blown on you, was more than they signed up for.

And there you have it.  I've dumped my brain.  Or a very small portion.

Now I will sleep better.