Wednesday, November 30, 2011

bug is getting better {almost wordless}

She requested a shirt with flowers this morning.

And then when it was time to fix hair, she pulled a flower from the drawer.

The sparkle shoes.  Always the sparkle shoes.

Lilybug is doing so much better this week.  After 10 days (as all my friends told me) she finally turned a corner.  She's back to eating and doesn't need any pain medication.  Her nose is still pouring snot (I had to pull over to wipe two huge rivers of snot this morning after she sneezed in the van) which is probably due to her adenoids healing.  (and yes she fell the other day and got a fat, bloody lip which is now healing)

But it is so good to see our Bug back to herself.  Back in preschool.

This weekend would be the next normal visit of the fever monster.  I am a little nervous.  But I am believing there will be no fever.  I am claiming her healing in Jesus name.