Sunday, November 20, 2011

goodbye fever monster {part 2}

We left off with sweet Lily in the OR.  The surgeon walked me back to Bean in the pre-op room (the anesthesiologist was doing her work in the OR) and then we headed to the waiting room.

This is the building the surgery took place in and where we stayed that night.  Our children's hospital separated the surgery-related and non-contagious situations from the respiratory and other more communicable illnesses.  What a great idea, huh?

Bean and I settled in a nice big waiting area with our pager that would go off when we could see Lily in recovery.  Another great set-up at this hospital.  Instead of calling out names, each family gets a pager which reaches outside even, and each time they need you or are ready for the next step in the process your pager goes off.

We knew the surgery would be about 45 minutes, at which point we'd hear from our doctor and then about 45 minutes later we'd get to join Lily in recovery.  Bean and I did some texting and social networking to keep people in the loop and I settled in with a magazine.

The time passed so quickly!  We were called back and our doctor said the surgery went really well.  Lily's tonsils were "moderately sized" and so were her adenoids, so she went ahead and removed those too (something we had discussed as an option).

I was probably most anxious the next 45 minutes, knowing my baby girl was out of surgery and coming out of anesthesia soon.  I knew that some kids have a really hard time coming out  and i just wanted to be with her!  We had a false page when a nurse had the wrong pager number written down, just 15-20 minutes after we met with the surgeon.  I knew it was too fast to be true!

Finally our pager went off again and we hustled off to post-op to see our girl.  As we walked through the large post-op unit, past multiple beds and curtains I heard kids crying from different parts of the room.  I listened closely, but didn't hear Lily's voice.  And then, there she was.  Her little body in the big bed, sitting up with a sippy cup of juice.

But then a mean nurse said only one of us could stay with her :(  So Bean came and gave her a kiss and I stayed.  I was so proud of my girl.  She wasn't crying or upset at all.  She was very happy to see us though and wanted me to stay close. At one point she asked for me to hold her.  Actually she said "mama hold you." I love that she still talks that way.

The nurse had just given her demerol so she was dozing (with her eyes open, ODD) off and on but pretty quickly we were ready to go up to her room and we picked up Bean on our way.  Once we got in our room, I sat in the big chair and held Lily.  It was so good to hold her and have her cuddle close.  She really had done so incredibly well.  My little trooper.

Mama is so happy to have sweet Lilybug in her arms again! And if you can tell, Bug is happy to have the Wubbie back too.