Friday, November 18, 2011

day 3 embracing my baby

I am holding Lily right now as she sleeps restlessly, snoring and struggling to breathe clearly.

A few of my friends who have been through these surgeries warned me that it gets worse before it gets better.

Today seems to be the worse. Lily woke up today with a lot of snot and congestion. This is normal for having adenoids removed. The extra mucous combined with her sore throat has not been a good combo.

She has hardly eaten or drunken anything today. Swallowing is a crucial part of healing so it's frustrating that I can't get her to take much in.

Then there was the incident where drinking+mucous= vomit. That was fun.

And the breath, oh the terrible awful breath. Again, part of healing but as I sit her holding her, which is the only way she will sleep right now, I cannot get away from it.

My sweet Lily girl. I know this is part of it. I know it's all for the greater good. And honestly even this is better than the 104-105 degree fevers. But it's hard.

My sister in law showed up out of the blue to have the big girls come play for a bit. And they were there yesterday too. Lifesaver. I was feeling pretty guilty for not being able to do much for or with them.

I know it will get better. Maybe tomorrow, or the next day.

Still I am thankful for the surgeries. Thankful things may be semi back to normal for Thanksgiving. Thankful for family who help and visit and check in with us. Thankful for a husband who is supportive of me doing nothing but take care of our littlest girl.

Embracing. Embracing my baby girl. Thats my job today.

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