Wednesday, November 2, 2011

just me

I love photos. But not always of myself.
We are our own worst critics, right? We see flaws no one else does.
Flaws we shouldn't see because they aren't really flaws.
They are just the way we are. The way God made us.

Recently we had to take some "headshots" for work. Notice the lovely stucco background!

Here's how a lot of my photos turn out.
Eyes closed.
It's genetic. My mom has the same exact problem.

Whenever I try to do the "looking off into the distance" type of pose, I think I look pretty silly.
Trying to look at the camera with a serious, moody type face is even worse!

Here's probably a typical photo of me. Smiling but it doesn't look so natural.

But finally, the real me showed up.
All it took was laughing at one of my best friends, making faces and saying silly things.
I can still find lots of flaws in me, in the photo.But I'm choosing not to see them.

I'm choosing to see the laughter, the joy and the life.

This is me.

A friend is taking some family photos for us on Sunday. I want to capture our family in these moments. When the kids are still young. Sometimes it's a struggle to embrace each day, but it's so worth it. And I want to capture us embracing life, embracing each other. My kids can be pretty big stinkers when it comes to photos, but this friend has a special gift getting them to cooperate. Wish us luck!

P.S.  Lily is doing MUCH better. She was able to go to preschool today.  I'm seeing even more though how much these fevers mess with her routines and how she deals with life.  Re-entry is tough on her and I'm so glad her surgery is really soon.