Monday, November 7, 2011

science experiments

I try not to make a big deal out of Mondays.  Technically, Sunday is the first day of my workweek.  But Monday is the day that both Bean and I go to work and the girls go to school. 

You'd think, almost three years in to having three children and doing the morning shuffle I'd have it down.  It should be a routine we're all used to and that flows smoothly each week.

I should have it down to a science.

But I don't.

It's more like a science experiment that blows up in my face all the time.

I feel like I do it all the same.  And even mornings when I make even more of an effort (like this morning when I didn't work out or need to shower but still got up early) it doesn't necessarily make a difference.

The 4 year old is very opinionated about her clothes.  The 2 year old decided  to sleep in this morning, which made for a difficult wake-up and quick transition into getting ready for the day.  These two enjoy preschool, yet they protest going every week.  We verbally walk through the week and they always want to know "is tomorrow a mama day."  We are blessed to have someone available to bring them home in the afternoon instead of spending a long day at school, but they complain about that too.  Because they want me to pick them up and then they want me to stay with them.

I know.  Mama IS better.  But they don't realize how good they have it.  That I don't work a traditional 40-hour week.  That they do have two "Mama days" each week.  That they spend one day with a doting grandmother.

Bean and I watched a movie last night.  I should have been laying out clothes and packing what I could of lunches and snacks.  Some mornings there seems to be time, other mornings--like today there isn't.  Just being a working mom is a job in itself.  One I seem to have gotten a warning on today.

So tonight, I'll be doing what I know I should do and not taking the chance that there will be time in the morning. 

We'll do this science experiment again and I'll be a better scientist and learn from my failures and perfect the instructions.

Hoping for a terrific Tuesday, not a terrible one.  Deciding a rough morning doesn't need to define my day.