Monday, December 12, 2011

Day 2 {the most coveted gift}

Have you ever seen So Random on the Disney Channel?  It's kind of like Saturday Night Live for kids.  And it can be pretty funny.  There's a character named Rufus,  a kid with tons of excuses that always begin with "you're not going to believe this."  

Watch just 30 seconds of this to get the idea and hear what Rufus sounds like.  Watch the whole clip for a lot of laughs.  

And so I open this post with a "you're not going to believe this" in Rufus' voice.

Maybe that shouldn't intro my post if it needs such an explanation.  But it just sounds so good in my head.  We use Rufus' line a lot around here. 

For many years, the most coveted Christmas gift in our family was a roll of toilet paper.

I have no idea the story behind this photo, but it's pretty awesome.

I’m completely serious.

There is a cute mountain town about 90 minutes from San Diego that we went to a lot as a kid.  We developed a tradition that lasted several years of going to Julian to celebrate my youngest sister’s birthday, which usually fell days to a week after Thanksgiving.  My parents would often let us Christmas shop for each other while we were there. 

One of the first years we were there to celebrate Ali’s birthday, my parents bought some Christmas toilet paper.  It actually looks more like crepe paper, and I imagine it would NOT be comfortable to wipe with.  It says Merry Christmas all over it in red and green

We thought it was pretty funny too and it became a family joke.  That year when I was opening my gifts on Christmas morning, one was several boxes nestled in each other—and deep inside was the Christmas toilet paper.  A gift I was definitely NOT expected.  We all laughed SO hard.

When the next Christmas rolled around, everyone began to speculate who would get the toilet paper that year.  When we unpacked our holiday decorations it was always fun to find the Christmas toilet paper.  We determined that last years recipient would gift it the following year. 

That toilet paper went around the family many times.  Creatively packaged and wrapped and I think it was even given to some of our pets also.  Anytime we had a guest with us on Christmas (roommates, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends etc) they usually got the toilet paper.  Bean got it early on in our dating or married years and I think we’ve given it to Miss Rose now too.  I think this year Gracie is old enough to appreciate it—so this may be her inaugural year of the Christmas toilet paper.  She loves words like fart and poop.

Yup.  The toilet paper lives on.  In fact just this weekend as I was unpacking Christmas stuff, my youngest sister was here and spotted the toilet paper.  "You still have that?"  It even still has the plastic wrap around it.

Does your family have any fun gag gift traditions? I'd love for you to play along with my 12 Days of Christmas! Share your story in the comments or if you're feeling super inspired, write your own blogpost and share the link the comments.