Friday, December 16, 2011

Day 6 {first christmas}

I'm doing a little series I made up called "The 12 Days of Christmas".  It's just a fun way for me to talk about Christmas, memories and more.  If you want to join in, share in the comments or write it on your own blog and share the link in the comments.

I don't know why, but there is something special to me about having a baby at Christmastime.  I loved each of my girl's first Christmas.  Maybe it's because my youngest sister, who's 9+ years younger than me was born on Thanksgiving weekend and I vividly remember her first Christmas.  Maybe it's because I felt a little like Mary.

I still have this dress.  I've almost gotten rid of it a few times, but never did.  And now I'm keeping it.  My niece had a matching dress (bought at JC Penney's the day of these photos) and they wore them in photos for Grandma, along with my nephew--but I don't have any of those scanned.

Miss Rose

This "my first Christmas" onesie from Old Navy was the ONLY thing I could find to slightly fit Miss Rose on her first Christmas.  Marketers need to realize that some babies grow quickly and it is possible for a child to need a "first Christmas" garment in a size 18 months.  But I squeezed her into this 12 month one.  We lost a lot of photos of Miss Rose's first year, including Christmas.  Luckily I had some uploaded to a photo website, so I have prints, just not digital versions.  I need to find a picture of Miss Rose in this onesie.  The pants I found for Gracie as a resale store and they made me very happy.


I feel like Lily wore the same dress as Miss Rose (Gracie was my peanut baby, and having an April birthday, she didn't fit into at Christmas), but I can't find any photos.  But here's one in the onesie and striped pants!


When I was thinking about having a third child I really wanted to plan for a holiday baby.  My plan would have been to give birth towards the end of the year, probably in 2010. But God gave us a special gift that arrived in January 2009 instead!  I'm a little sad I never got my holiday baby, but I think my babies dressed for the holidays are pretty cute anyways!

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