Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 8 (ho ho ho}

I fell behind a day! I can't believe I got 7 new posts up in a row though.  The busyness of life is weighing on me, along with the kids being out of school now and I haven't been feeling all that great.  I think it's stress.  I wish I could control my stress, but it feels pretty impossible.

But, on with the 12 Days of Christmas.  I'm a day behind, but I'll catch up in a few days when I have more time.

So, about the big bearded guy in the red suit.  I've seen quite a few blog posts about Santa Claus in the last few weeks and the various approaches families take.  Everyone goes about this one differently, and I don't know that there is a right or wrong.

I mentioned before that our Christmas' were very simple and minimal when I was a really young.  My parents never talked about Santa Claus or told us gifts came from anyone but them.  By the time I was in fourth or fifth grade, our Christmas' were a little more like everyone else's and I remember knowing the story of Santa Claus, but that it wasn't real---even though other kids believed it.

I never felt like I missed out and when I was older, I enjoyed telling people that I never believed in Santa.

Bean on the other hand, DID grow up with the Santa story and he thought it was fun and part of childhood.  We were a bit at odds on what to do with our children.

But, like all good men, Bean didn't really fight me and let me have my way :)  He lives by the adage, happy wife, happy life. And I try to not take advantage of that.

The Christmas Miss Rose was about to turn 4, she began to put the story together about Santa Claus.  I never outright told her that Santa wasn't real but when she asked pointed questions I answered them honestly.  She eventually came to understand that Santa was a story that some kids believed and we always reminded her that she didn't need to tell other kids he wasn't real!

By the time Miss Rose was turning 6, she changed her tune and decided she WANTED to believe in Santa.  That has been really amusing the last few years.  I wasn't going to fight her on it, because she was making that choice even though she knew the truth.  We pick our battles in this house!

Even a few weeks ago, she told me that she thought Santa WAS real, but that the Santas in the mall weren't the real Santa.  I think part of her desire to believe has been that friends believed and it was a fun story that she wanted to be a part of.

But last week, a few of her good friends found out the truth from their mom.  And what do you know...she came home from hanging out with them and told me "Mom, I don't know if I believe in Santa anymore.  Will told me he isn't real."

I'm sure we'll still put out cookies and carrots, if the kids want to.

But there won't be any gift tags under the tree that say "From Santa" and if the kids try to give credit to him, I gently remind them that their gifts came from us.  I want credit for the items they are most excited about!!

If Santa is a part of your Christmas, I fully support that too!  It just wasn't for us.

Tell me what your family does and how it was for you growing up!