Friday, December 2, 2011

Insta-Friday (where I post A LOT of pictures)

life rearranged

I always love reading the Insta-Friday posts but I don't always have enough photos each week to do my own.  This week though I do! Partially in part to my awesome husband who surprised me by upgrading my very slow iPhone 3G to the 4S.  One of the things I am most excited about is the awesome camera in this phone, it's even better than our digital camera which is a few years old now.  I find myself taking the majority of my photos with my phone, so now they will be decent quality!

Warning: You're about to be inundated with photos.

This was actually last Wednesday.  But I can't help but share because I just love these for some reason. We were pre-Thanksgiving shopping.  I conceded to push the huge cart and they played musical seats the entire time! (I'm not sure what Gracie was mad about here, you just never know).

Three kids sometimes feels like a lot, and it kinda is, but I absolutely love being a mama to three and having a full cart.

LOVE this one.  Lily absolutely loves to push carts.

And what's Thanksgiving-eve if you aren't wearing a tutu?  We went to visit friends and Lily insisted on wearing this dress-up costume.  I figured, why not?

Testing out the new iPhone 4S camera on Gracie and my nephew G playing some Mario Cart on the wii.  They honestly don't know how to play, but they try really hard.

What's better than driving arcade games without quarters in them?  This mini arcade at a burger place charges like $1-$2 per game.  RIDIC. There was lots of pretend play.

Love this face and fierce beard.

What's more fun than lining up cut string cheese on your arm?

It was my little sister's birthday this weekend.  She turned 25.  She's almost 10 years younger than me.  Which means I'm 35 on my next birthday.  YIKES. She has her own style and is the only girl in our family tall enough to rock a long skirt well (unless we are on a missions trip in Latin America, you know.)  I teased her that she should have children around her as her skirt flowed about them.  This was our interpretation of that!

The whole fam-bam.  We are pretty freaking awesome if I do say so myself.  (and for you stalkers out there, you know who you are, that's the middle sisters boyfriend, not fiance or husband)

I confess, this photo was NOT taken with my phone, but it DOES have an Instagram effect on it.  My fab friend snapped it at our church staff photo shoot.  It captures my kid so well.  Miss Rose and her own style and attitude with the sunglasses.  Gracie posing like she knows how to work the camera.  Lily being cute and coy.
That pretty much sums up my kids!

I was not feeling well on Tuesday.  I made it through my work day, but came home and spent the evening laying down.  The girls hung out with me of course.  Miss Rose did homework, Gracie danced and made up her own songs, Lily played on my phone and threw gang signs--oh wait, that's sign language she's learning in her preschool class.

Wednesday: also known as my Friday, which I like to treat like casual friday and dress down.  I also ran tons of work errands including buying 20 gallons of milk.  It's called #churchlife .

Diet Coke for me, Sweet Tea for her.  It's like our love language.

Thursday was gorgeous and I went for a run at the Bay.  Pushed the girls in the jogger for 5 miles, then they got playtime at the playground.  Win-win.

Thursday night was my staff holiday party and I borrowed a dress from my mom, which she has never worn!  Notice that Gracie needed to get in the pic with me (taken for Bean, since he was in class) and is wearing my sister's high well as a too short dress! 

Gracie learned how to use emoticons on my sisters phone and I got these texts from her all night!

This was my hot date at the dinner, Baby Ryder! I miss having a baby.  There's things I don't miss about having a baby, but I still miss having a baby.

And finally, what is a Friday morning if you aren't reading books on the couch, in mom's running visor and a pair of too big shoes.  Lily kept saying "once upon a time" as she was reading. Love these kids!

These are some of the moments I've been embracing this week.  Life is good.