Monday, January 2, 2012

hello 2012

I wanted to share some collages of our last few weeks of holiday and vacation fun.  But alas, our hard drive is full, of pictures and I need to transfer files to our external drive.  But I ran 20 miles today and have absolutely no energy.

Perhaps later this week, but at my blogging rate these days, who knows.  I have such great intentions.  I read all the "how to plan your blog posts" articles, but darn life just gets in the way.  Blog posts are easier to plan when you either work from home or work as a mom only.

Suffice it to say, we've had a fun, full, tiring few weeks.  Both Bean and I were off this past week--which was great.  We didn't have any huge plans, but every day was full.  The kids went to bed late many nights.  And they actually slept past 7am most mornings, which is a first.  Which also means tomorrow mornings 6:30am wake-up is going to be BRUTAL.  For all involved.

I don't have a fancy review of 2011.  It was a rough year.  Lily was sick every single month last year, until her surgery in mid-November.  And glory to God, she's been fever-free since her tonsils were removed.  We've walked through difficult situations with those around us.  Second grade has been rough at home with Miss Rose.  She's doing great in school, but a real challenge at home.  Attitude, disrespect, talking back.  I've been told this is a rough age, so hopefully she'll turn a corner soon.  We keep reminding ourselves that toughing it out right now will make the later years a little easier.

I learned a lot in 2010 though.  A lot about myself.  About God.  About ministry.  Friends.  Family.  Most of the lessons had a difficult genesis, but God wastes nothing and I won't soon forget what I've learned.  Life is difficult.  It just is.  But we can always learn.

And now onto 2012.  I am believing for better things.  I am believing for healing and redemption.  I am believing for clarity and vision.  I know this year will hold it's challenges too--because what year doesn't? But I don't walk this life alone.  God goes before me, leading. I have an amazing husband, family and friends to journey with.

So, hello 2012.  I'm ready for whatever you've got for me!