Monday, January 9, 2012

just your average day

Any moms out there laughing yet at my title?  We all know there is no "average day" and that usually that kind of phrase means all sort of craziness, right?

So, it's Monday.  Which is both a welcome return to routine and also usually a bit harried.  I did well preparing for the day mostly and everyone was up and ready to go on time. Score!!

Dropped Miss Rose and our neighbor off at school.  The little girls and I stopped at Albertson's, where Lily put a sticker on my back.  I knew about the sticker; all the checkers were laughing and reminded me not too forget.  Which I promptly did, until a co-worker alerted me to it's presence. No big deal and good for a laugh.

A little before 11am I got a call from Miss Rose's school that she had a fever of 100.4 and needed to be picked up.  She showed no signs of illness in the morning, so I was pretty surprised.  I headed over to get her right away.  She's complained a few times of pain in her stomach or side, so I started wondering if she had appendicitis.  I knew it was a slim possibility, but couldn't help but to wonder.  Miss Rose was a little flushed and said her throat hurt.

I headed back to work to gather my stuff to come home and the little girls' preschool is right next to my work too.  I cancelled my afternoon babysitter and Miss Rose's ride home with the neighbor.  When I arrived a little early to pick up Gracie and Lily from school, they were super excited I was there (instead of the babysitter) and Lily promptly told me she was wet.  They were just coming in from recess and she had wet during playtime, which is what she often does at school.  At least I got there to deal with it and they didn't have to!

Lily rode home sitting on her jacket, with no pants or underwear.  Lovely.  I had so much to bring in from the car, I just sent her from the car to the house when we got home, not worried that she was feeling the breeze! Her shirt was longer so it wasn't like she was complete exposed.

Once in the house, I went about taking care of Miss Rose.  I took her temperature three times, with two different thermometers, under her tongue and her armpit--and couldn't find a fever!  Are you kidding me??!!  I went through all that rigamarole and she doesn't have a fever???  It was right after recess that she went to the office, so maybe she was overheated.  And her wasn't too red and it didn't hurt her that bad later.  So who knows.

All I know is that she's going back to school tomorrow, unless she wakes up with a fever!!

While this was going on, I told Lily to go to the bathroom since she had been wet at school.  She protested a bit, but finally complied.  I wasn't paying much attention and a little later she comes out to me and tells me her Wubbie got pee on it--and sure enough it's wet.  She's carried it into the bathroom before and it's been dipped in the toilet a few times.  Later I go in the bathroom and it's covered in toilet water and wet toilet paper wads!!

I have NO CLUE what went on in there.  When I asked Lily about it, she looked very coy and guilty, but couldn't really elaborate on what happened, especially since maybe 15 minutes had already passed.

Lily is a handful!  A cute one, but still a handful.  I have a feeling this year is going to be very entertaining with her.

So, there's my average day.  All in a days work for a working mama.  You just never know.