Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Mr. Man

Grown-up birthdays are sometime awesome.

Sometimes not.

Usually the availability of funds is the deciding factor.

Bean's birthday was this past Saturday.  It wasn't a bad birthday.  But it certainly wasn't all I had wanted it to be.  I didn't even manage to get the girls to make him cards, even though I kept intending too and we talked about it a few times.  It just didn't happen.

We had a day full of kids and dogs.  Errands and everyday life.  Bean is an easy-going guy and I think it was harder on me than it was on him that the day wasn't full of special surprises and treats.  He's kinda an all or nothing kinda guy.  Either we go all out or it's just another day.  I just don't work that way though.

We've been really focusing on "acting our wage" one of Dave Ramsey's mottos.  Last week I realized how truly humbling that is, but good and necessary.  Christmas, Valentine's, Birthdays have been about the kids.  We feel blessed to have the ability to make these days special for our children and truly that is enough for us.  In the past I might have run out and splurged on something for Bean, but not this year.

On Valentine's Day, because I can't just not do anything, I made a huge pizookie for us to share.  A pizookie is basically a pizza cookie with ice cream on top.  BJ's makes them in little personal pan sizes.  Looking at the baking dishes I do have, I went with using a pie tin.  We really enjoyed it! And realized it was WAY too big for us all to share.

 It looks good enough to eat raw, huh? (Salmonella, what?)

I used chocolate chunks for fun. But next time I might use mini chocolate chips.
They ensure that you get chocolate in every bite. And I'm all for chocolate.  

Come Bean's birthday I told him I WOULD make him some sort of dessert whether he liked it or not! He chose another pizookie.  We were using a gift card to go out for dinner, so made the pizookie for lunch.

What's better than one giant cookie, smothered in ice cream and five spoons? I wish I'd snapped a picture of the feeding frenzy, but it all went down so fast.

I'm blessed to have a husband that loves his family more than anything.  And just spending the day together, even though it involved him taking one girl to the doctor and then heading out again later on errands, is enough of a birthday for him.