Tuesday, February 14, 2012

just write {just love}

It's hard to think of something else to just write about, besides love.  It's a day of love, commemorating love, sharing love.  It's also a day of stress and scrambling to prepare Valentine's if you have school-age children.  My preschoolers don't go to school on Tuesdays, their Valentine's party is tomorrow so thankfully I didn't have to do it all last night.

My big girl, the tomboy, rough and tough gal, playing baseball with the boys instead of softball with the girls, she asked me last night if I had any heart earrings.  Which I don't.  And today she was wearing a long sleeve purple shirt with a heart on it.  Lately she's been wearing a black band tank top over the long sleeves because she doesn't want the heart to show, although she's okay with the purple.  Because it's one of Justin Bieber's favorite colors you know, and she's a fan.  No tank top over it today though, she rocked the heart.  She may not be a "girly-girl", but she is a girl, expressing it in her own way.

My little girls, well, they are girly girls.  The littlest picks it up from the middle.  They got new shoes from mommy and daddy this morning.  Just simple little flats I picked up from Ross.  Gracie has been wanting flats with no straps, which praise God I found.  Lily's have straps but they are super cute.  Gracie wanted to wear a skirt, her new favorite clothing item and of course Lily needed to wear one too.  Lily only has one skirt, which thankfully was in her drawers.

And my man.  The sole testosterone in a house of women.  What a good man he is.  He serves and sacrifices.  He loves and gives.  Oh how he is loved by the four women in his home.  I know we don't appreciate him enough.  He didn't have the greatest example of a husband and a father.  But he has broken the mold he came from and been molded into that of his Heavenly Father.  I see him growing even more into the shape of his Father, and I am humbled.

Oh I love these four so.  Fiercely.  Tenderly.  Strongly.

And I think

He loves us
Oh how He loves us
Oh how He loves us
Oh how He loves

 His love, their love, our love.  I want to love like He loves.