Monday, February 6, 2012

just write

I'm linking up here to just write

I pray a lot.  Daily.  I have almost my whole life.  

Sometimes they are quick prayers.  Other times, heart-wrenching pleas to my heavenly Father.

I've prayed for many things.  For myself, my family, for friends, for others.  I've prayed for healing, for favor, for guidance, for God's will.  I prayed for a husband.  For babies and their health in my belly and during delivery.  We prayed for the right home for us and my parents.  For Miss Rose to get into a particular school.  All prayers that were answered.

There have been prayers that haven't been answered too. Or at least not answered in the way I desired.  Paths we sought that were dead ends or the end seems no where in sight.

Prayer is a vital part of my life.  I've been reading a great book on prayer, The Circlemaker.  And my pastor spoke on prayer this past Sunday.

In my 30+ years of faith and prayer he posed a question that I've never pondered before and it made me stop and think.  It was in the context of talking about how God likes specificity in prayer.

"If Jesus were here, standing in front of you, what would you ask him for?  Not something vague like blessing or favor, but a specific thing?'

I've prayed for specific things before.  But what if Jesus were here? What do I really want?  What would I ask him for, with faith believing he would answer?

This scenario really gave me pause.  It caused me to do a little soul-searching.  To refine my prayers.  To become more specific and less vague.  Trusting that if what I'm praying for isn't what God wants for me, he will change my heart as I pray.  But the only way to find out is to pray for specific things. 
And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.  Matthew 21:22
Some of the things I thought I might ask for, after further consideration, changed some.  
I'm going to be more bold.  To be more specific.  To keep praying.  To be persistent.  
My kids really want a dog.  We had a dog for a few days, but it was used to living with other dogs and had a serious case of doggie depression.  They haven't given up the idea of having a dog though.  
The past few days my 4 year old has renewed her passion about getting a dog.  She keeps saying "TODAY can we get a dog?"  Guess what my husband and I have been doing? Looking online at dogs.  Her persistence may pay off.
She's an inspiration to me.  May I have her persistence when it comes to my prayer life.