Sunday, February 19, 2012

we've had some birthdays

I've mentioned one, or one hundred times that we have a LOT of birthdays from the last week of December through mid-February.  Not just our nuclear family, but family on both sides as well.

But, three of our five birthdays fall within 23 days.  Miss Rose, Lily and Bean are now a year older!

First up was Miss Rose.  She really wanted a birthday party with friends this year, not just family and not just an outing.  We decided upon a few laser tag games and then arcades & pizza at Chuck E Cheese--two locations next door to each other.  Three friends from school, three friends from church and her cousin ended up coming.

I have a small problem, thinking I can do pretty much anything on my own if necessary.  I'm independent and self-sufficient and not much phases me.  But it's impossible to be in two places at one time and some things, including a dual-location birthday party shouldn't be attempted solo.  I learned this the hard way.  Thankfully one of the kids parents stayed and ended up helping me out a bunch!  (Miss Rose loves her sisters, but wanted a party without them, which is why Bean wasn't there).

The gang before round 2 of laser tag

Pizza & Oreo cake

On her birthday, Miss Rose wanted to take donuts to school to share with her class.  We talked her into donut holes and it actually ended being easy, cheap and fun!  Bean went to a donut shop that makes sprinkled donut holes as well as glazed and it cost less than $10 to have 2 donut holes for each student.

In December Miss Rose & Gracie got haircuts at the salon.  I was contemplating getting Lily's hair cut, but I decided to wait a bit longer.  She was very curious though, so after many inquiries, I finally told her that maybe she'd get her hair cut when she was three.

Well, she latched on to that very quickly and anytime her birthday or her hair was mentioned she said "I get my hair cut when I'm frwee."  After hearing this MANY times, I knew I had to make good on my remark, even though I didn't intend to do it so soon.


So the day before her birthday, Lily got her first haircut.  She has the straightest hair of all three girls so far and I decided to have a little fun with bangs and a bob!  It was very special to have our friend Kara cut her hair.  I've known Kara since she was a kid (and I was one too!) and she's been cutting my hair now for years (even though I rarely make it in more than twice a year).

She is cute.  And she knows it.

FINALLY we celebrated both birthdays with family.  But really it was Lily's party.  I've noticed at 3, kids have a true understanding of their birthday and parties.  Lily wanted a Tinkerbell party.

I obliged and managed this cake, which turned out really well.  I made 1 layer pan and then baked the rest of the batter in a 4-cup Pyrex measuring cup.  It puffed up and created the perfect shape for Tinkerbell's skirt.  We already had the doll, so it was easy.

That morning at church one Lily's Sunday school teachers gave her a handmade tutu that was green and pink---perfect for her party and to match the Tinkerbell crown she picked out at Party City.

This is mid-birthday song.  Lily was SO excited she was jumping up and down while we were singing.  You can see she is mid-jump in this photo.  I regret not having a video camera out while we were singing.  Miss Rose had a collection of cupcakes with candles.

All my kids cousins, both sides!  And it's not a party until someone is in panties and sparkle shoes, right? 

I adore looking back at pictures from my kids' birthdays and seeing us together.  I realized I hadn't taken any photos with them, so after they were bathed and ready for bed we snapped a few.

Mama and her January birthday girls

Daddy's girls

We can't leave Gracie out. 

I look at these pictures and I am overwhelmed with how blessed we are and how much love I have for these precious daughters. They are more than I could ever have asked for.

Poor Gracie really struggles with her birthday being a few months after her sisters.  When you are young, it just doesn't seem fair that they are getting parties and gifts and she isn't.  I know as she gets older though, she'll appreciate that ALL the attention is hers, come April 5th. 

This post is already long enough, so I'll save my few photos of Bean's birthday until next time.