Wednesday, March 7, 2012

baseball IS for girls

If you've been reading my blog for long, you have probably picked up on the fact that Miss Rose marches to the beat of her own drum.  She is very independent and self-confident.  These are great qualities for an individual to have.  They can be challenging to us as parents as she learns to exert them properly.

Because Miss Rose is independent and confident, she decided this year that she wanted to play baseball with the boys instead of softball again.  She is very active and competitive.  She played tee-ball in kindergarten in Little League and then last year she and her cousin played softball.  We kept asking, over the course of a few months, if she really wanted to play baseball instead of softball.

She stuck to her guns about baseball, so we registered her. There are a handful girls who play in our little league, so it's not unheard of.  It turns out that her coach saw something in her that he really liked and she was drafted high.  Miss Rose is still big for her age (I bought her a size 7 woman's running shoe--she's 8 years old) but I thought that on a baseball team she wouldn't stand out so much.  But she's still the second tallest on her team.

I'm starting to plot out plans for getting her a sports scholarship for college.  There was a female pitcher on our baseball team when I was in college. You never know!

Last Thursday was our first game.  Miss Rose was chosen to lead warm-ups before the game. She was barking out orders to the boys, just like a girl!!

That's her up front with a coach leading warm-up

At her first at-bat, Miss Rose had a pretty powerful hit that sent the ball almost to the outfield! Coach gave her the game ball for her hit.  I must say, my mama pride was riding high--my baseball playing daughter getting the game ball at the first game of the season.

Play ball!

Game ball!!!  She came home and wrote her name and the date on it.

Yesterday was our second game.  Bean was on the mound running the pitching machine and there was a kid from the opposite team giving Miss Rose a bit of a hard time as she was trying to maintain the proper positioning as catcher.  Bean got her focused again and then he heard the same kid say "I can't believe we're getting beat by a team with a WOMAN." Our team creamed them--15 to 5.

I am proud to be the mom of the girl playing baseball.  As we were walking to the car after the game we saw a girl who plays in the majors who hit a homerun on Saturday!

I am proud that my daughter doesn't need to be identified by social norms.  Don't get me wrong, she has plenty of "girl" characteristics, although she might deny it, but don't try to tell her she her has to conform to certain expectations.

It is my desire to raise strong daughters, who realize their dreams and reach their goals--no matter what they are.

See, baseball IS for girls too.