Thursday, March 22, 2012


life rearranged

I think this is my first time ever linking up with InstaFriday over at Life Rearranged.  Once again, it's been a week since my last post.  I do post a little more frequently over here, since I mostly write about how my last run was.

Last Thursday night was open house at the little girl's preschool.  One of the aide's takes a lot of pictures of the kids and they were posted all over the classrooms.  I especially loved this pose of Gracie-girl! (pretend you don't spy her first name, you'll get confused!)

Gracie playing in Lily's classroom while we looked around.

Lily in her classroom

Friday, my nieces and nephew spent a few hours at my house, added to the three kids from next door who were also outside playing--that's a lot of kids and bikes!

What the living room looks like after Gracie and the neighbor have been playing all afternoon and then cousins come over.  I just have to embrace the mess.

This is Lily, every day. She often gets of bed in the morning and puts on her princess shoes before doing anything else. She wants to stand on the stool and sing into a wooden spoon. Tonight I came into the living room and she was wearing her jammies, princess shoes and sunglasses, singing into a large spatula while standing on the scale. Because if you can't find the stool, certainly go into the bathroom and pull the scale out. I wish I had snapped a picture but I was too tired and told her to put it all away.

Lily, channeling Stevie Wonder. Wearing her sunglasses at night.  She's a special one.

Saturday morning I spent a few hours at my nieces and nephews house and one of them had my phone and took several pictures of their brother.

Mr. Man, taking care of life while catching some March Madness. What would he do without an iPhone now?!  (and yes, it's awesome that I have a husband who chooses to do dishes & watch his tiny iPhone screen instead of parking on the couch in front of the TV)

We have stick-on earrings on the floor ALL over our house. 

Sunday night worship service. Lily is very into coming to worship with us. She wanted to hold my hand. I never want her hand to get any bigger than this.

I find it very impressive that they can both fit in here. They spent all morning closing the doors and using flashlights in the cupboard.

My Saturday afternoon was spent in a warm blanket, reading this book while it poured rain outside.  Glorious.

Little girls+mirrors = endless fun
If I could, I'd mirror an entire wall in our house.

I love these snapshots of our life.