Friday, March 2, 2012

Moms & Muffins = Mommy Points

Each school year our school has "Dads & Donuts" morning and "Moms & Muffins".  Kids bring books from home to read together before school and everyone squeezes into the auditorium for the event.  There is a high level of involvement and you have to get there pretty early to make sure they don't run out of food and you can find a place to sit.

Dads & Donuts was last month.  I am pretty sure Dad's get a pretty sweet deal out of this.  Most dads are headed to work after their time at school and my guess is it's a lot calmer than what I experience every year.  Since these activities are on Fridays, I'm off work which is great, and I also have two little girls in tow.  As do many other moms there!

Today Moms & Muffins coincided with Read-Across-America-Day (also on March 2, Dr. Seuss' birthday, who was a proud San Diego citizen like we are).  Thankfully I recently did some organization of our books and several Dr. Seuss books were grouped together on a shelf.  Getting out of the house by 7am, with all three kids dressed is a feat!

It's quite tempting to throw on yoga pants and a sweatshirt, and gather my hair in a ponytail in a rush to get out of the house.  But when I went to bed last night, I committed to have myself pulled together in the morning.  The kids do comment sometimes on when I'm in comfy clothes, aka "why are you wearing your jammies Mom?'  I don't know that Miss Rose would have commented or been bothered, but this is important to her, and I wanted to treat it as such.

Lily is sleeping terrible in the early morning, so I'm pretty sure I was technically awake around 5:30am.  It was definitely before Bean's alarm went off at 5:45am.  Miss Rose must have been excited because she woke up around 6am and came into bed with me and Lily wasn't far behind.  I got up at 6:15am (as Miss Rose was trying to teach Lily to thumb wrestle) to make sure we had enough time.

I award myself major mommy points for being fully dressed, fixing my hair and even wearing some make-up!  And not forgetting the Dr. Seuss books!  I also awarded myself an espresso drink from the coffee shack that's blessedly on our way home.  It's almost sick how the aroma of coffee in the morning instantly makes me happy.

Last night I promised Miss Rose that next year we'd go without Lily, since Gracie will be in kindergarten and it will be her morning too.  Let's not talk about how I'm feeling about my second child starting school officially.

Thinking back, today was certainly a lot easier and less chaotic than when Miss Rose was in kindergarten and Gracie was 3 and Lily was 1.

Lily's new favorite is "two ponytails" and I think it's adorable with her bangs!

Gracie was a little grumpy to be so rushed this morning, but it all changed when she got a chocolate muffin.

Sometimes it's still hard to believe I am the mom of an 8-year-old