Thursday, March 15, 2012

running through my head

If I had a few hours, I could sit down and write thousands of words. Some to share here.  Some to save for later. To pour out the innermost things of my soul. I could probably talk for hours too, but no one could listen for that long.

I'm in a season where I'm experiencing so much and trying to learn through it all.  But these are lessons that aren't for mass consumption, at least right now. I need to let the work be completed in me, before I can begin to make sense of it.  I feel this need to record it though, for posterity, for sharing and using in the future.

Finding time to write, rather making time to write, is challenging.  The majority of my "free" time is in the evenings, but by then I'm so tired mentally.  There's a lot I want to find more time for. But the days, weeks and months zoom by and I remember to embrace what each day holds and not long for what isn't.

There is a time for everything.

The weeks zip by even faster right now. Miss Rose has either baseball practice or games on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  These are also the days Bean has class at 6:30. He pretty much goes straight from work to baseball and leaves for class from baseball. Such an incredible dad. The little girls and I go to games too.  Which also happen on Saturdays.

Wednesdays we try to make church a priority. It's the one time in the week I get to sit and participate in a class, instead of having responsibilities.  Oh and Sundays Miss Rose has baseball practice from 10am-1pm.  So Bean is trying to get the kids to church by 8:30am for first service so that Miss Rose doesn't miss church.

Is your head spinning trying to follow all that? My head spins too.

Miss Rose has half-days this week for parent-teacher conferences. I thought it was next week.  On Tuesday, the first half-day of the week, I got a text from my mother-in-law that Miss Rose had asked the office to call her and notify her of the schedule.

I'm so proud of my Type A smart little cookie.  She knows we always inform her of any changes in routine in the morning, so when she got to school and realized that it was a minimum day and we hadn't said anything--and she had a lunch in her bag--she made sure Grammie was there at the right time to pick her up.

Gracie would probably dance around the school until she was the last one there before she thought to have them call us. I'm a little nervous about her transition to kindergarten.  More on that later.

I hoped to earn some writing time this morning by putting the little girls in a play bath, but Lily is calling to get out already--so off I go.

Hoping I might get a nap, or at least a little downtime in the afternoon since Miss Rose will be home by lunchtime!