Sunday, March 11, 2012

weekend snapshot

I love when people post their cell phone photos and share about their week or whatever the theme is. I never seem to be on the ball enough to do it on a regular basis.

But here's a little snapshot of my weekend.

Lily wakes up early. Every day. I woke up early on Saturday, even before her, and when I realized I wasn't falling back asleep I just got up. She was up not long after me though and that's my knee she's laying on while watching a show. I can't believe she's long enough to stretch to the other end of the couch. And can you see her crazy bedhead? The poor girl has so many tangles at the back of her head almost every morning. It's torture, for both of us,  to brush it out. 

I took Gracie to a birthday party for a preschool friend. It was this fun kids play place that had different themed rooms off the main room. This was the dance room, complete with disco lights and a mirrored wall.  It was the kids favorite room to go in and dance to the music playing.

This "apple water" was at the birthday party for parents to drink.  It was actually tasty.  Just a slight hint of apple to the ice water.  If you don't like drinking water, give it a try! 

Gracie found a bug at 4pm on Saturday at my niece's softball game. I was certain it would fly away or she'd squash it.  But she held on to it for 90 minutes. Through playing, running around, rolling in the grass.  Since she kept it alive for that long, I didn't have the heart to not let her bring it home.  So Mr. Ladybug is currently residing in a jar with some sticks, grass and leaves.  Still alive.  Do you think male ladybugs are ticked to be called "lady" bugs?

A friend gave Lily these sunglasses at church today.  She acted like she wasn't very interested in them, but as soon as we got in the car she put them on and has carried them around much of the day.  They are so cute on her!

Gracie is our animal-lover for sure. Here is her friend Charlie. When we are going to Charlie's house, she isn't so interested in the people who are there--she mostly wants to follow Charlie and his little buddy Archie around.  I also love that Miss Rose & Lily have one foot each in this photo.

There's a little snapshot of part of my weekend.  How was yours?