Thursday, March 29, 2012

what to do today

It's been a really tiring week.   Long work days, juggling kid stuff and too much in my head. I haven't even run since Monday, which is a true sign of how tired I am and how full the days have been.  Usually running energizes me.  But not this week.

Now it's Thursday, finally a day off from all but my home and my family, which are the things I like most, but it's still really hard when you're so tired. Thanks to my amazing husband, the house is in pretty good shape, which isn't always the case by Thursday. He had a day off on Tuesday and last night he cleaned & vacuumed before I got home from church with the little girls.  We barely see each other lately, due to baseball schedules and his class two nights a week.

This morning he brought me a Starbucks before he went to work, a wonderful way to start a day of recovery. He is such an incredible blessing and shows me so much love. I confess, I'm not nearly as good at it as he is.  Monday night he read a tweet about how I wished it was payday so I could buy Karen Kingsbury's new book.  He went out to do an errand and also looked two places for the book. When he got home he told me how bummed he was that he didn't find it--and I hated having to tell him it released on Tuesday which is why he only found a spot on the shelf for it. When I came home from a 12-hour workday on Tuesday, he had bought the book, wrapped it and included a card. I tell ya, he's amazing.

Now, it's 9am and the little girls and I are still hanging out in our jammies. I need to shower and get dressed.  And they need to be bathed too.

I'm still deciding what to do today, but I can promise you it won't be much of anything. I may not even run. Running itself sounds good. But it would require loading kids in a jogging stroller and taking another shower later, and I just may not have it in me.

After reading these book recommendations I checked the library's website to see what books they had, and my library card needs to be renewed, so I think we'll go to the library today.

What I do know, is I'm going to take it slow. My body and my soul need to be revived. I'm going to stay away from the computer and my phone as much as possible. I'm going to spend time with my journal, and I've already done some devotional reading and my Bible.  I actually have several books I'm either in the midst of reading or that I want to start reading.

I'm going to drink in my children and hug them and hold them and touch them as much as possible. They are balm.

Lily wants help reading a book right now, so that's my cue.  Time to embrace the day.