Sunday, June 10, 2012

mama makes a menu

We've had a really nice weekend! A few commitments and places to be, but nothing huge and mostly together as a family. It was so weird to not be at church this morning! Instead of waking up to get ready and be at church by 7:30, I woke up and went for my long run. My nephew's 3rd birthday party was this morning, so we weren't able to get to any church service. However I did tune in for a bit, to my friend preaching at church this morning. Yay for live web streaming!

For the past few years, Bean has borne the brunt of dinner preparation. And dinner menus. He got home from work at least 30 min before me, if not more. And whenever I am in the kitchen, the girls are stuck to me like magnets. Not too conducive to preparing a meal. Bean has been fantastic about getting dinner started (especially on my work days).  The grocery store is just 2 short blocks from our house (less than a 5 minute walk) and many days we get needed dinner ingredients the day of.

I have wanted to institute a dinner menu plan for ages. But lacked energy and time and overall motivation. Now that I have more time and energy to devote to family and home for a few months, I'm hoping we can get in the habit and develop a list of dinners to pull from and keep it going even once I'm in school and working again.

I sat down today and brainstormed and came up with a plan.  I'm hoping it works!

Monday: Meatloaf + homemade rolls. I love my mom's meatloaf recipe and the kids will actually eat it. It's not Bean's favorite, but he adds BBQ sauce. I love the ketchup-brown sugar sauce it's topped with. I'll share the recipe later this week.

Tuesday: Pasta + french bread (I will probably eat shrimp or chicken with mine). Always an easy favorite, although I am big on protein at meals and it always bugs me that the kids aren't having protein with this meal.  I'm weird like that.

Wednesday: Homemade pizza pockets (made these before and the kids LOVED them)

Thursday: BBQ Crockpot chicken + cornbread. Planning to go to the beach, so this will be a great headstart on dinner. We usually shred the chicken and Bean puts it on a sandwich. The kids and I often eat it by itself (I'm forever trying to avoid extra cards).  We use Sweet Baby Ray's original sauce. Bean and I prefer more spice, but the kids don't.

Friday:  Nephew's graduation, no dinner at home

Saturday: Tri-tip on the BBQ and grilled asparagus (trying for the first time!)

We serve veggies every night too. The kids prefer raw veggies to cooked ones. Miss Rose loves green bell peppers, the little girls like string beans and they all like carrots and broccoli.

Sunday: Father's Day, Dad's choice!

Dinner menu's are phase one of my plans to overhaul our eating a bit! I also want to get my kids off eating cold cereal every morning and expand to other foods and some homemade items as well.  I want to do some freezer meals also.

I'll keep ya posted! I'd love to hear your favorite family dinners or other ideas for balanced eating.